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Spot Adverts

Spot advertising is the most basic form of advertisement for the radio. This is where we create an advert to be played throughout the day and across the week based on your budget.  This type of advertising allows you to reach a wide range of people and appeal to the general public. Once we have produced an advert for you it will be archived so as you can use it again for future promotion. 

Feature Sponsor

Sponsoring a feature is a flexible way for your business to be heard at either a specific time of the day or throughout the day with a repeat message. Your brand will become associated with the item as you get sponsor credits during that item and additional online advertising.


For example:


"What's On, on Heartland FM with [<your business>]...presenter reads bulletin..."What's On, on Heartland FM with [<your business>] <your sales message>, for example "for all car repairs, MOTs and service call XXX or find us on facebook"

The items available for sponsorship are (click on each to find out more):

  • Weather

  • What's On

  • Traffic and Travel

  • Your coffee break

  • Get home happy 

Daytime Sponsoring

Sponsoring segments of our daytime hours is an option for those businesses who want to target audiences both at a specific time of the day and more generally across the week. Your brand will become associated with the show as you get three sponsor credits each hour of that show. For example "the breakfast show with [your business] on Heartland FM". Additionally, out with this you will get normal promotional spots that send out your core message to Heartland FM listeners. 

The shows available for sponsorship are (click on each to find out more):

  • Breakfast (6am-10am)

  • Daytime (10am-1pm)

  • Afternoon(1pm-4pm)

  • Drivetime (4pm-7pm)

  • Weekend (11am-5pm) 

Progamme Sponsoring

By sponsoring a specialist programme on Heartland FM you can create highly targeted campaigns as you consider the audience that is listening. This type of advertising gets you exclusive sponsorship at the beginning, middle and end of a specific programme (no advert breaks just you) plus online advertising with a hyperlink to your website. 

Contact us

If you are interested in advertising with us please contact with your rough budget or call Jackie on 01796 474040 and we will create a bespoke advert for you.
To find out more about sponsoring one of our programmes in general please click here to view our media pack. 

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