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We believe that with our multimedia platform, we can communicate with a growing number of people, including our community, visitors and holiday makers. There are so many benefits to getting your message across on radio, and we are committed to making sure the message you send out has an impact. We are The Voice of Highland Perthshire, and we want to make it louder and more diverse than it has ever been.

Note: Our IRIS Magazine rates are currently under review. If you’d like to advertise in IRIS Magazine, please contact in the meantime.

Please see our current rates for advertising, both on-air, and digitally via our website and online magazine, IRIS. We offer a number of different options which include advertising throughout the day on all shows, as well as show sponsorships. These flexible campaigns can be tailored to your needs. We also have our digital magazine that is engaging with more and more people as it establishes itself. IRIS really does bring our community to life, and can showcase your business or activity in a clear and cost effective way.

Mission Statement

To entertain, inform and engage the Highland Perthshire community across our multimedia platforms.

We will create trustworthy, proactive and enduring relationships with all listeners, business partners and community organisations.

Chris Stanton

Marketing Manager

“Our Mission Statement, in just a few sentences, explains our ambition at Heartland FM. Along with entertaining and informing you, we also want to get to know you. I am always willing to meet up safely and chat to you about how you can best utilise our services.”

We are a registered charity in Scotland, and a not-for-profit organisation. We exist solely for the benefit of our community. So please get in touch, get the wheels in motion, and see how we might be able to support one another.

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