Blair Atholl And Struan CC Minutes of 8th Sept 2020

Blair Atholl & Struan Community Council
Virtual Meeting – Tuesday 8 September 2020


Present: Donald Isles (Chairman), Lynda Mutch (Notes), one member of the public.

Apologies for Absence
Tony Dowson, Louise Fisher, Cllr Mike Williamson, Cllr John Duff, Cllr Xander McDade
As the meeting is not quorate, these will be notes rather than minutes.

Minutes of Meeting on 14 July
Will be approved at next quorate meeting.

Matters Arising
BT call boxes consultation
DI has responded to PKC on behalf of the community council expressing our desire to retain the payphones at both Bridge of Tilt and Calvine. The consultation with BT is open until 27 September.

Co-option of Lynda Mutch as a Community Councillor
DI was informed by PKC that LM could not be co-opted as a community councillor until co-option had been validated by PKC. Formal approval could not take place at this meeting as not quorate so this will be carried forward to next CC meeting.

Community response
CoVid response volunteers are still assisting where required although we have less new requests for assistance. TD advised we will stay connected pending any virus second wave. TD has applied for a £2500 grant from Foundation Scotland to put to BAATA’s community hub website which will allow us to have a central e-hub where community info such as CC minutes can be posted.

Wild Camping
Irresponsible camping
Many issues relate to new Cairngorms National Park visitors who do not know how to behave in the countryside. CNPA is considering a charge for camper vans not visiting recognized sites. Some Park roads have traffic lights to control the number of cars entering, but this would be ineffectual on through roads, as in our area.

Waste disposal
CNPA are putting together a location map to show campers / vans where they can safely dispose of their waste. Some visitors are emptying rubbish at recycling area at the bowling club but the general rubbish bin here is not very large. At the tourist visitor centre car park there are numerous bins but signed for litter only.

Public toilets
It is hoped a new toilet facility aimed at walkers at Aberfeldy will alleviate some of their problems. PKC is considering what to do about the public toilets in Blair Atholl and will discuss with local community.

Year end accounts will be prepared for the next meeting however there was very little movement. We received £200 from PKC and this was passed on to BAATA as discussed previously. We have also now received £500 from Atholl Estates for the resilience group. Year ended on 31 August – accounts to be finalised and examined before AGM.

Struan Forestry Proposal – nothing further to report as yet.

Date of next meeting
Tuesday 10 November. This will be the AGM followed by regular meeting.

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