25/05/2021 Minutes of Meeting of Mid Atholl, Strathtay & Grandtully Community Council

Bi Monthly meeting May 25th  2021. Held by zoom.

1.    Welcome by Chairman.

2.    Attendance:

Chairman Graham Huggins (GH) and CC’s Celine Boisson(CB) Stan Bruce(SB) John Grant (JG) Michella Samy (MS) David Sillito (DS) Stuart Smith (SS)

Four Members of Public 

Alastair Smith Heartland  Radio

Ramsay Beattie Heartland Radio

Apologies : None

Meeting being recorded (available to Heartland Radio media) All consented no objections.

3. Minutes of Meeting of 30th March Accepted. Proposed MS seconded SS

4. Matters arising. Low water pressure at Logierait Fire Hydrant. CB had spoken to Councillor John Duff who confirmed that Scottish Water were responsible. The fire service had been in contact with them and problem now assumed to have been addressed. 

5. Secretaries report (see web site). It was agreed that in future the Commander Police report would be covered by DS under Police matters on future agenda. Other matters noted. 

6. a Police matters:. Nothing to report

b. Treasurer’s report: Accepted. One of two lots of £500 previously agreed now paid. Proposed CB seconded JG. Available on Web page.

c. Griffin Wind Farm. Nothing to report.

d. GWF micro grants. No New applications

e. Update on Grandtully Campsite improvements. Submitted report (available on web site) was discussed and support of CC reaffirmed. This has been shared with other local CC’s.

f. Logierait Mine Road. CB has discussed with Councillor John Duff. Road is owned by Atholl Estates. P&K Council not proposing to adopt lower section of rode. CB will consider further consultation with local residents. CC aware of bad exit onto main road of current route from cemetery.

g. CC Engagement and communications update: Web page now up and running . Thanks expressed to EMP Graphics of Aberfeldy for work done. DS to explore inclusion of audio reports from 30th March meeting onto web page under ‘Current Issues’. 

Facebook page has 43 likes and 61 followers.  Chairman expressed thanks for work on this.

h. Planning. P&KC pages reviewed by CB. Nothing to report.

i. Action Partnerships. JG will attend forthcoming meeting and cover inter alia speed limits.

Chairman participated in HLAPG meeting ( Highland Local Action Party) who still have £12500 available until April 2022.

AOCB. Mr Gary Stag was introduced by Chairman and asked what he wanted CC to do for him. His submission had been read concerning his exit from house to A249. This concerned lowering of the kerb and speed limits. He felt that the kerb issue was now being addressed. 

There was a long discussion concerning speed limits in the CC area. The consensus of the meeting was that they should be lowered in general with particular concerns about Logierait. Noted that this is currently the most important issue for residents.

Martin Sutcliffe (MOP) confirmed that recent 20MPH limits in Grandtully etc. were temporary and as a result of Covid concerns only and not road safety.

It was agreed that the CC should seek the public’s view of current limits and adherence. J G was asked to produce a draft survey form. Use of facebook, public notices, etc. to be considered.

The Chairman would liaise with other CC chairmen concerning this important issue. 

Next Bi-Monthly meeting 27th July at 5:00pm. (location to be announced when clarity on Covid regulations) 

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