Aberfeldy Community Council Meeting Minutes 02/03/2021

Zoom Discussion

Tuesday 12th January 2021 at 7.30pm


Present: Victor Clements (Chair), Lorraine Reed (Vice- Chair), Elaine Fraser Murdoch (Secretary), Jean Duff (Treasurer), Val Ferguson, Karen Mackay. In attendance: Norma Carr (Community warden), Cllrs John Duff & Xander McDade.

Cllr McDade was only present for the final few items of the Agenda.

Minutes of previous meeting Minutes taken as read, proposed by JD and seconded by LR.

Matters Arising PKC have agreed that additional lighting is required in Square, but difficult to prioritize at the moment. The 3 X gritting barrows supplied to Aberfeldy residents were working well.

Crime Prevention and Community Safety No obvious concerns. NC would no longer be working fixed days, but the time allocated to Aberfeldy would be the same, just more flexible.

Focus Topics:
The town was very quiet again with lockdown. Feldy Roo has started up again, and was expanding its operations. There had been discussion re using Common Good Fund resources to pay for this, but funding team had deemed this not to be necessary at the moment. The virus was in the town, and there had been clusters of infection both before Christmas, and after New Year, so it was important that everyone was extra careful. VC to re-post emergency numbers on Aberfeldy
Community page.

Resilience Plan

Would forward this at February meeting. VC, VF & NE all now had code for opening town hall if required in case of emergency.

EFM would check position of possible ench at Moness. If not suitable, Dalweem would install one there. Discussions ongoing re bench at Black Watch memorial.

Griffin Community Benefit Panel
Micro grants- more money?
LR had asked SSE re more money for 2021 year, or at least to bring 2021 allocation forwards more quickly. The increased funds had worked really well for 2020.
2 X micro grants applications to be assessed after meeting.

Main Fund
The CC agreed to endorse Articles for the proposed new Endowment Fund.

No further reports

No further reports.

We currently held £15k of warden money, £20.87 for road safety group, £1867.44 of micro grant
money and £367.35 of administration grant money. Insurance had been sorted.

No planning issues.

Cllrs Reports
Cllr Duff reported that the budget on 3 rd March would be very difficult in the current circumstances.
Cllr McDade reported that PKC were looking to recruit a new Chief Executive, with Barbara Renton standing in as acting Chief Exec in the short term.

The CC had again been approached on the allocation of council houses. PKC were operating according to agreed policy, so if changes were needed in future, that would need to be agreed at a political/ policy level.

Date of Next Meeting Tues 2 nd February 2021.

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