Aberfeldy Community Council Minutes (03/08/2021)


Present: Victor Clements (Chair), Lorraine Reed (Vice- Chair), Elaine Fraser Murdoch (Secretary), Jean Duff (Treasurer), Val Ferguson, Karen Mackay.

In attendance: Cllr John Duff, Richard Pearson (Live  Active), Alistair Smith and Ashleigh Keenan- Bryce (Heartland Radio) plus two members of public.


Norma Carr (Community warden), Pat Spicer (Road Safety Group), Cllr Mike Williamson 

Minutes of previous meeting

The previous minutes were taken as read, proposed by LR and seconded by EFM.

Matters Arising

The drinking fountain is now installed in the square, with only final water testing and installation to be completed by Scottish Water.

JoD still looking in to disabled bay signage in the square.

The abandoned car in lower Birks has been removed.

KM taking forwards project to record experiences of lockdown in Aberfeldy. Will bring to October meeting.

Riverside path is well maintained at the moment by caravan park, so no longer any issue there.

PKC looking for replacement lightning conductor for monument. Important this is done relatively quickly.

Pitlochry CC now seem to have enough members to get going again, having been in abeyance.

JoD to send VC documentation re Action Planning.

VC to contact Avril Taylor re Action Partnerships.

Crime Prevention and Community Safety

No matters of interest.

Focus Topics:


Things seem to be good at the moment. Lot of visitors to the town, businesses working well, although issues for some in sourcing staff. There were a small number of cases locally, but very contained. 92% of adults within PKC area had first vaccine, and nearly 77% had both jabs. Preparations in place for booster jabs going in to the autumn for the vulnerable groups 1-9 previously identified. Children aged 12-17 with certain conditions are also to be vaccinated.

Aberfeldy Multi Sports Festival

Taking place on 21/22nd August. The Saturday morning is dominated by the Drummond Hill trail run, with swimming events on Loch Tay in the afternoon. The triathlon will take place on the Sunday, with swimming in Loch Tay, the cycle ride including Loch Rannoch, and the running going down the Strathtay road to Grandtully and back to the community campus in Aberfeldy. Roads will be open, but traffic will be managed at key locations. There will therefore be a certain level of disruption. The triathlon will have up to 600 competitors, some of whom will be competing at a GB level, so the quality of the field is very high.


The ETAPE race will be taking place on 19th September, but in a reverse direction. This will suit people and businesses in Aberfeldy, less so on the Tummel side.

Healthy Town Initiative

Retired GP Angus Cameron introduced initiative to make potentially make Aberfeldy the healthiest town in Scotland. The idea had arisen within local medical centre with 27 new cases of Type 2 diabetes within the area recently, along with increasing numbers of people with weight problems. People have generally been less active during lockdown. It has also been estimated that 59% of deaths within Aberfeldy are “early deaths” that could be prevented.

The plan was to try and implement good practice from other communities around the world which had made a lot of progress in improving people’s lifestyles and health outcomes.

The emphasis of initiative would be on exercise, eating more whole foods, support for people, and stress management techniques. A website can be found at https://www.healthiesttown.org/ 

Angus will bring some specific ideas back to our October meeting.


There is currently just over 10 years of availability in the cemetery in Aberfeldy and the CC had been approached to try and secure future provision. At the moment, it is not possible to purchase plots until some-one has died, although that will change when provision is less than 10 years. We have therefore been asked to look at how to secure greater provision for the town. One suggestion is locating an area which can cover both conventional and green burials, in whatever format that might take. There is little potential for extending the current cemetery. Other restraints include the potential for flooding/ access/ land availability. It has been agreed however that we would put this issue on the agenda. JoD to speak with Neil Glover about the situation. Kenmore where also looking for space. There is no urgency in Aberfeldy at present, although if we let things sit for five years, then things would suddenly look a lot more urgent.

Resilience Plan

Nothing taken forwards


Crofty’s bench had been installed and was looking well. Other bench from square to be installed at Dalweem. PKC had also been in contact re putting other old square bench in the cemetery.

No Mow/ No Spray

Nothing to report at present, but Mary MacDougall was in contact with Cllr McDade, and we are keen to keep this on the agenda.

Road Safety

Report on 20 mph zone is being considered by PKC. Aberfeldy CC in favour of retaining zone.

Penny for your thoughts

PKC are consulting on public toilet provision throughout the area. The consultation is open for 12 x weeks and CC will discuss in more detail at September meeting.

The toilets at Victoria park are considered to be dangerous from a road safety perspective, and there have been problems with the Comfort Scheme during COVID, with it being more difficult to access toilets in participating businesses, and with a higher obligation on them to keep facilities clean.

Griffin Community Benefit Panel 

Micro grants

2 X applications to be discussed after meeting.

Main Fund

LR to forward some communications on Endowment Fund to VC.



The playpark at Duntium will be built by developer, but responsibility for upkeep and exact equipment to be used still to be decided. Park unlikely to be installed before development is complete.


The developer at Duntium is looking for potential names for streets within the developer. VC to contact them to see whether they want any input from CC or community more widely.


No change in financial position from June meeting.


No applications to discuss.

Cllrs  Reports

The Community Investment Fund (CIF) is open at the moment, with £43,000 available for the Highland ward. VC to check Aberfeldy representation on panel.

The new countryside rangers were working well, and were dealing successfully with a wide range of issues. They had been trained in water safety after te recent number of deaths in Scotland.


LR brought up issue of housing provision locally, the problem becoming more acute as more people wanted to move in to the area, and workers were finding it difficult to find somewhere to stay. CC to put on agenda for Sept meeting. VC to contact Cllr McDade.

Date of Next Meeting     Tues 7th September 2021. We would look to make this meeting a “blended meeting” , held physically in Town Hall, but with Zoom access as required. VC to consult re technology for allowing this to happen. A Zoom meeting by itself can be used as back- up if required.

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