Aberfeldy Community Council Minutes 2/11/2021


Present: Victor Clements (Chair), Lorraine Reed (Vice Chair), Elaine Fraser Murdoch (Secretary), Jean Duff (Treasurer), Val Ferguson, Karen Mackay.

In attendance: Cllr John Duff, Norma Carr (Community warden), Alistair Smith & Ramsay Beattie (Heartland radio), Richard Pearson (Aberfeldy Multi-sports event), Mary MacDougall.


Cllr Xander McDade, Pat Spicer

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes taken as read, proposed by LR, seconded by JD.

Matters Arising

JoD confirming what sort of disabled parking signs would be appropriate for the square.

PKC looking at different marking for bus bays in Moness carpark. 

Crime Prevention and Community Safety

Minor issue with youths throwing eggs at buildings and vehicles.

JD reported incident regarding dangerous car driving in which she felt Police Scotland response was not appropriate. Cllr Duff to bring up with local inspector.

Focus Topics:


KM was engaging with Birks Cinema and others re taking forward the pandemic recording project, and this was now making good progress, KM would be contacting a range of people about their experiences over the next 6 months or so.

Hospital cases in PKC are have been going up again, but vaccine take up among local children has been very good.

There has been some confusion re booking booster jabs. It appeared that higher level messaging was not as effective as it was previously. Everyone encouraged to take up booster jab when it was offered to them.

Aberfeldy Multi sports event debrief

Richard Pearson gave feedback on this event which took place in August.

A lot of people had participated in the event, but local opinion has started to change towards it, with some criticism now evident with regards to disruption and communications. These issues were being taken very seriously, and will be given greater consideration before the 2022 event. Specifically, a number of people reported problems with bicycles/ cars on open roads There was a question as to whether roads should be open or closed for the event, which was a British Championship event in 2021, and was becoming well known and respected. Consideration was also being given to timing of the event, and an earlier start might be possible, although daylight was required for all stages of the event. There had been a serious accident involving a cyclist, which had to be fully investigated. No fault had been attributed to the organizers. 

RP to be in contact with CC from February re event in 2022.

Toilet provision

No specific discussion. ASBA had been discussing options in the town. Their views were similar to CC. Will await PKC feedback on their consultation initiative.


VC to speak to Derek Wittman at undertakers re options for extra provision within the area.


No specific discussion

No Mow/ No Spray

VC had looked at 2 X locations with Feldy in Flower which they considered would reflect badly on the town if implemented. They did have an alternative in mind. VC to write to PKC to support this view.

The CC are looking at some options for encouraging more environmentally friendly gardens in the town, and were in contact with Feldy in Flower about this.

Road Safety

There would be a road safety event in Aberfeldy on 15th November. The “Policeman Bob” signs were being more widely used again, and being rotated through various locations in the town.

Griffin Community Benefit Panel 

Micro grants

5 X applications to discuss after meeting

Main Fund

Endowment fund would hopefully be up and running shortly.



JoD to check timing of traffic lights at crossroads.

Bill Hoare had reported problem with down pipe from Breadalbane Hotel, which was now fixed.


EFM was keeping an eye on the issue regarding trees interfering with satellite TV reception at Moness. A petition had been organized, and was currently circulating.


Report given earlier in AGM


No matters to discuss

Cllrs Reports

There was currently an issue with contaminated blue bins. People were being encouraged through a Stick to 6 campaign only to put permitted items in blue bins.

PKC preparing for the Queen’s Green Canopy- Plant a Tree for the Jubilee.

Grit bins were currently being topped up for the winter.

The national MOD would be coming to Perth in 2022.


Heartland Radio had recently won a number of national awards for their output, and all were encouraged to use the station for reporting stories of local interest.

Date of Next Meeting     Tues 7th December 2021. 

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