Aberfeldy Community Council Minutes – June 2022


In the Lesser Hall, Aberfeldy Town Hall, and by ZOOM.

Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 7.30pm 



Present: Victor Clements (Chair), Lorraine Reed (Vice- Chair), Elaine Fraser Murdoch (Secretary), Val Ferguson.

In attendance: Provost Xander McDade, Cllr John Duff, Mary MacDougall, Alistair Smith (Heartland Radio).


Jean Duff, Karen Mackay & Pat Spicer.

Cllr Reports- New roles

Cllr McDade has been elected Provost of Perth and Kinross. While he will still be able to represent people in Highland ward and follow up issues presented to him, his new role may constrain him in what he is able to do as a local councillor. However, he will now have an ambassador position, will convene and input to agenda for PKC meetings, and help set the tone for how the council conducts its business. He has a number of baillies to help him with his duties, including Cllr Williamson.

Cllr Duff has been elected as leader of the opposition Conservative group, and is on a number of committees including the Environment & Structure committee.

Cllr Williamson now sits on the administration, and is also on a number of committees, including development control.

For the first time, there will be a Climate Change committee, which will co-ordinate initiatives across the area and across other PKC committees.

The Convenor for the Common Good Fund is yet to be decided.

A list of all councillors and the positions they hold can be found on the PKC website.

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes were taken as read. Proposed by EFM and seconded by VF.

Matters Arising

VC had been to see Moness Resort re trees around property that were causing trouble with TV reception locally. Moness were looking at various options for doing this, and we would look to see what happens.

Moness had raised the possibility of developing the woodland area within their boundary, a proposal previously knocked back by PKC. This was already in the public domain. The focus on getting more local housing may bring this back on the agenda again.

The Caravan Park were reported to have been selling items to users from their office. It was understood that this was not allowed, but JoD has since clarified that neither the lease nor the operating licence precludes this.

There had been a good turnout for the Platinum Jubilee event in Aberfeldy, with 350-400 people attending.

Crime Prevention and Community Safety

Nothing to report.

Focus Topics:


Cases were on the rise locally again, and people were advised to be aware of this. The Heartland Radio website has details of vaccines available locally.

People are asked to look out for a text scam asking them to purchase tests.


Aberfeldy Development Trust were currently conducting a priority housing needs survey, and all are asked to contribute to that. Response to date has been good, but ADT would like to hear more from businesses as well.

Possible development projects were coming forwards. CC members advised by Chair to stay “hands- off” with all such proposals as we would be asked our view in relation to planning consents etc.

Building projects were difficult at the moment due to rising costs and uncertain future, and this is a particular problem for affordable housing.

ADT has potential however to raise the profile of these issues and put pressure on landowners to increase supply of land and houses.

There was likely to be debate locally on control of use for housing as holiday accommodation. There were positive and negative sides to this, but ScotGov have recently passed legislation to allow for this possibility.

There was no further news on the planning application re Aberfeldy Cottage Hospital site. There was a backlog of applications to be processed after the election in May.

There was a discussion on ScotGov plan to have a new National Park in Scotland, but it is thought that Dumfries/ Galloway is the most likely area. A consultation had just ended. There can be social and community benefits to such an initiative, but there can also be additional criteria that projects might have to meet as well. Highland Perthshire has been discussed in the past, but this is felt to be unlikely.

Resilience Plan

VC to report in September.

No Mow/ No Spray

The 2 X No Mow areas were to be monitored for wildlife benefit this summer.

The North Meadow was developing nicely this summer. VC to approach Feldy Roo/ Upper Tay Paths Group to determine whether authorizations were in place for riverside path/ fitness trails, and to contact Dull & Weem CC on this point.

VC also to contact Feldy in Flower re garden competition, in particular having a categoty for wildlife friendly gardens.

Road Safety

Pat Spicer was keeping a eye on this. They were looking at speed restrictions out at Fearnan.

The pop-up policeman has been reportedly stolen from Old Crieff Rd.

Griffin Community Benefit Panel 

Micro grants

There was one application to be discussed after the meeting.

Main Fund

Nothing to report



Nothing further to report.


Nothing further to report


Nothing further to report


Nothing to report


VF reported tree growing out of wade’s Bridge, but Structural team had recently inspected bridge and everything was in order.

VC to write to Kenmore & District CC re concerns about the village at the moment, with loss of Post Office/ Shop and areas of land being bought up.

The next CC meeting would be brought forwards to 5th July, with August then being taken as a holiday.

The meeting agreed to minute that Mary MacDougall had been chosen as our representative for the Highland Action Partnership. We may have to choose a substitute/ back up for Mary as well.

It was noted that there would be a community council election in November this year, and that would be a good opportunity to recruit additional members.

Date of Next Meeting     Tues 5th July 2022 , 7.30 pm in Lesser Town Hall, and by Zoom.

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