Aberfeldy Community Council Minutes – February 2022

Tuesday 1st February 2022 at 7.30pm 



Present: Victor Clements (Chair), Lorraine Reed (Vice Chair), Elaine Fraser Murdoch (Secretary), Karen Mackay, Gavin Price (Feldy Roo), Alistair Smith & XXX (Heartland radio), Ian Padgett (Rotary Club), Mary MacDougall and one member of public


Cllrs John Duff & Xander McDade, Norma Carr, Jean Duff, Val Ferguson.

Minutes of previous meeting

Taken as read, proposed by LR, seconded by EFM.

Matters Arising

VC had written to PKC supporting Feldy in Flower on areas of grass to be left uncut in 2022.

EFM still gathering petition names regarding trees at Moness. VC to draft letter and forward to EFM.

JoD had been looking in to getting a new dog bin for entrance to caravan park.

Crime Prevention and Community Safety

There had been some issues with youths vandalizing toilets near Victoria Park, and PKC looking at closing these at weekends. Norma Carr to update prior to March meeting.

Focus Topics:


The last few months had been very difficult for businesses in the town, especially those involved with hospitality, and there had been a significant number of positive cases within the area. However, it feels like people are looking forwards to 2022 with some greater optimism.

North Meadow Paths proposal

Gavin Price outlined plans being developed by Feldy Roo/ Golf Club/ Scotland’s Healthiest Town to improve the paths around the North Meadow, potentially making them useable by wheelchairs. Two phases were being considered. The first was an all abilities accessible path alongside the Tay. The second would be a 1 km path that could be used by park runners. A carpark would be installed which would also be useful for the rugby team. While there was some discussion about losing the naturalness of the area, the CC gave their strong endorsement to the proposals as they had the potential to be an excellent facility for Aberfeldy and the surrounding area.

Toilet Twinning Project

Ian Padgett from the Rotary Club outlined a project to twin toilets in Aberfeldy with those in poor communities in Africa. They were aiming to get 20 groups or individuals signed up in Aberfeldy. There was some hesitation from CC members to get involved, but the CC will contribute £60 towards this endeavor.


No further update.


Dunkeld and Pitlochry were also both interested in developing additional housing on a significant scale.

Resilience Plan

VC to contact VF to set up discussion with JoD and PS prior to March meeting.

No Mow/ No Spray

VC had written to support Feldy in Flower in their recommendations for areas to be left uncut this summer.

Road Safety

The 20 mph limit had now been made permanent in Aberfeldy.

PS and Road Safety Group in contact with PKC over a range of other issues.

Griffin Community Benefit Panel 

Micro grants

4 X applications to be considered after meeting.

Main Fund

The endowment fund has now been set up and established.



The ETAPE would be reverting to usual format this year.

Mary MacDougall had been attending Highland Partnership meetings on CC behalf.


No report


No report


Nothing to report

Cllrs  Reports

Nothing to report


Heartland Radio were celebrating 30 years this year. They had a new team of journalists in place, still headed up by Alistair Smith.

All are encouraged to use the radio service for local news stories.

Date of Next Meeting     Tues 1st March 2022, to be held in Aberfeldy Town Hall.

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