Aberfeldy Community Council Minutes – March 2022


Present: Victor Clements (Chair), Lorraine Reed (Vice Chair), Val Ferguson, Karen Mackay

In attendance: Clr John Duff, Alistair Smith & Nathaniel Goddard (Heartland radio) & two members of public.


Pat Spicer, Elaine Fraser Murdoch, Jean Duff, Norma Carr (Community warden).

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes taken as read, proposed by LR and seconded by KM.

Matters Arising

VC had yet to draft a letter re trees at Moness, and would discuss with EFM first.

JoD had requested an additional dog bin for near entrance to caravan park.

Community warden had reported that after vandalism at Victoria Park toilets, PKC had decided not to close toilets in evenings, although the disabled toilet has been closed due to damage caused.

Crime Prevention and Community Safety

A number of incidents had been reported to Police where an individual had been causing unease among those walking in the area. There was now good awareness of the issue, and hopefully the situation will not arise again.

Focus Topics:


Most people in the town were trying to operate as normal in the current circumstances. PKC business was getting back to normal as well. It was notable that 4 X people attending this Zoom meeting had COVID in previous few weeks, so there was certainly a high incidence of the virus locally.


No additional update


No additional update.

Resilience Plan

VC, VF, PS & JoD had met to discuss response to Storm Arwen and resilience plan more generally.

The points discussed were:

  • The town square is a much better venue for any future welfare van than the town hall ij that it is much easier to find
  • JoD to check back up availability for generators at Dalweem.
  • VF in discussion with Co-op re arrangements when shop is closed for extended period after, for example, power outage.
  • We would look to do an organized exercise in early summer, to test preparedness.
  • We will put together a resilience leaflet, to potentially be distributed to every door in Aberfeldy, and/ or via The Quair. As well as emergency and useful phone numbers, this will also advise people on what an emergency pack should look like in the home.

No Mow/ No Spray

No additional update. PKC plans for 2022 are in line with suggestion made by Feldy in Bloom and the CC.

Road Safety

No additional report

Griffin Community Benefit Panel 

Micro grants

There were 3 X new micro grant applications to be discussed after the meeting.

Main Fund

The next meeting of the main fund would take place next week.



The issue of multiple road closures had been raised by a number of organizations and individuals. We had been assured that PKC were trying to avoid disruption, and that previous consultations with businesses suggested that now was the best time to carry out works before the main tourist season begins. Any road closures were co-ordinated to make sure that each repair took account of other works that were going on at the same time.

The ETAPE will be taking place again this year as usual, reverting to the original direction of travel, which suits Pitlochry/ Rannoch, but which isn’t as suitable for us in Aberfeldy.


No report


No report


The proposal to develop Dunolly in to flats had finally received full planning permission. It will be good to see this site finally developed as it has been starting to deteriorate and cause problems.

Cllrs Reports

PKC had passed their budget for the year ahead. There would be a 2.5% increase in council tax, although this was one of the lowest increases in the country.


Heartland Radio were trying to develop their sports coverage locally, and had a reporter especially dedicated to this. They were also organizing a series of events Wk beginning 21st March to celebrate their 30th birthday, and on the Thurs/ Fri that week, would be inviting local groups in to speak about their activities in pre- arranged time slots throughout the day. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact Heartland.

There had been a suggestion about starting an outdoor gym in Aberfeldy. It might be possible to tie this in with the Feldy Roo initiative. If PKC owned ground was required, JoD was happy to field questions and make contacts as required.

There had been some discussion online about setting up a bike skills area in the Wee Birks Field. Anyone interested is asked to contact HPCLT to discuss. Their contact details are on signs in the field.

There was some discussion about lack of facilities/ choices for extra curricular activities for children new to the area. Parents were encouraged to work through the PTA. The CC would help if asked to do so.

Date of Next Meeting     Tues 5th April 2022 

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