Aberfeldy Community Council Minutes – September 2022


In the Lesser Hall, Aberfeldy Town Hall, and by ZOOM.

Tuesday 6th September 2022 at 7.30pm 



Present: Victor Clements (Chair), Lorraine Reed (Vice Chair), Elaine Fraser Murdoch (Secretary), Val Ferguson, Karen Mackay.

In attendance: Norma Carr (Community warden), Richard Pearson (Live Active), Cllr John Duff & 2 X members of the public.


Jean Duff, Pat Spicer, Provost McDade

We had been unable to get Zoom working properly at the meeting, so Alistair Smith of Heartland Radio had been unable to join us.

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes taken as read. Proposed by VF, seconded by EFM.

Matters Arising

Works have started this week on repointing the inner walls and parapets on Wades bridge. PK Heritage Trust are putting a conservation management plan in place to oversee regular maintenance. The trees growing on the outside of the bridge will not be removed on this pass. JoD will have a look at the bridge crossing the Moness Bridge on which tree growth is also now a problem.

People are being contacted by letter in relation to vaccination appointments.

LR had attended invitation/ consultation event at Taymouth Castle. Developers are keen to maintain open communications with adjacent CC areas as well. We would give our apologies for a meeting the following evening.

Crime Prevention and Community Safety

There were a number of problems involving local youths within the town at present, possibly more so that there has been for many years, including vandalism of toilets, and graffiti.  Community warden is liaising with Police, the school, and the Breathe Project to address a range of issues.

One of the defibrillators had been used again. JoD to apply to the Griffin Main Fund for money to purchase new pads and batteries, so that there is a longer term replacement plan going forwards. If successful, ACC will hold the funds until they are required. 

Changes to bus timetable

Very significant changes were being proposed to the bus schedule to Perth, with some services being cancelled, and others amended. The particular problem is the early morning bus to Perth, making it difficult for students to get to college, and for some others to get to work. The reasons being cited are lack of users, lack of drivers, and lack of funding. The CC will reply to the consultation that is now open, drawing attention to the need for the early morning bus in particular. KM would submit consultation response.

Aberfeldy Triathlon/ multisport event feedback

The event this year was considered to have been a success. Use of Wade’s Field had helped the logistics of the event, and taken some of the pressure away from the town itself. There were almost 1000 athletes taking part, and footfall in the area overall was very significant.

It was felt that the fence around the rugby pitch was too close to the river path, and this was making it difficult for people using it.

Riverside Path progress report

Initial meetings had been had with PKC Planning dept re taking forward this path and what might be required in terms of planning and authorizations. It will obviously take some time to develop the project.

Aberfeldy CC elections

Nominations for CC elections were to be received by 22nd September. VC to circulate nomination forms etc to all CC members, and advertise on FB. The CC could have up to 10 members, and with the variety of things that are going on, it would be good to get some additional members.

Focus Topics:


There were many cases of COVID in the town at present, and people were noticeably being more careful again in some circumstances. The Feldy Roo bingo had been cancelled.

Vaccination appointments are being organized by letter.


The Development Trust would be meeting shortly.

Resilience Plan

VC & VF to liaise on this before October meeting. It was important to advertise that a plan is in place and that people know the essential contact information.

No Mow/ No Spray/ Garden Competition

The No Mow/ No Spray areas seem to have worked quite well this year, and these will be evaluated in due course.

ACC had 8 X applicants for the garden competition. Gardens will be judged after 15th September, and the Provost has agreed to help present prizes in October.

Road Safety

Nothing to report

Griffin Community Benefit Panel 

Micro grants

There were 4 X applications to be judged after the meeting.

Main Fund

There was to be a meeting this Thursday coming. Endowment Fund is progressing slowly.



VC had met with ASBA and the Locus Centre. It was agreed in principle that ASBA could leave 2 X gazebos in the Locus centre so that people could use them for pop-up events/ stalls in the town square. Will look to trial this autumn, and highlight to people that this facility is now available. ASBA have a 365 days a year licence to cover sales as well, although no alcohol allowed.

There was also a discussion about toilet provision, and expanding use of the facilities in the Locus Centre. VC to look in to funding options for engaging an architect to draw up plans. The Locus Centre was the ideal location for any improved facilities.


Nothing to report


No report, but JD to produce accounts to year end for AGM meeting in October.


There is nothing to report yet on the Cottage Hospital application.

No other planning matters.

Cllr Reports

The National MOD would be in Perth in October.

PKC have reported a reduced carbon emissions output of 13%.



Date of Next Meeting     Tues 4th October 2022. This will include our 2021-22 AGM. The November meeting will be put back a week to Tues 8th, after the election due on 3rd November.

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