Blair Atholl and Struan Community Council Minutes 9/11/2021

Annual General Meeting 

Virtual Meeting on Zoom

Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 7.30pm


Present: Councillor John Duff (Chair – part), Donald Isles (Chair – part), Tony Dowson, Louise Fisher, Lynda Mutch (minutes), Fiona Gordon, Cllr Mike Williamson, Viv Cree, Amy Liptrott, Alistair Smith (Heartland Multimedia), Rhona Metcalfe

  1. Apologies for Absence

Cllr Xander McDade

  1. Officer Appointments:

The meeting was chaired by Cllr John Duff to agree the following officer appointments:

Chair – Donald Isles – proposed by LM, seconded by TD

Secretary – Viv Cree – proposed by DI, seconded by LF

Treasurer – Louise Fisher – proposed by DI, seconded by LM

Minutes Secretary – Lynda Mutch – Proposed by DI, seconded by LF

Data Controller – Louise Fisher – proposed by DI, seconded by TD.  

All appointments were unanimously agreed, and DI took over the chairmanship of the AGM.

  1. Previous Minutes

Minutes of last year’s AGM were approved.

  1. Chairman’s Report

DI introduced his report for the year to November 2021, covering issues which have affected the community this year.  Full report is attached to these minutes.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

LF presented the treasurers report, confirming that the Treasurer’s Account ended the year at £578.86, with a total spending of £123.34 for hall rent, some resilience group expenditure (batteries, keys) and the examiner’s fee.  It was agreed that this £50 examiner’s fee would be donated to the village hall fundraiser.  The Reserve Account ended the year on £1,705.16, the only movement being £500 from Atholl Estates which we have already agreed to donate to TAG for their website. 

  1. Meeting dates for 2022

It was agreed that meetings would continue to be held on the second Tuesday of alternative months, except for the January meeting, which would be held on the third Tuesday, to avoid a clash with Aberfeldy CC.

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