Blair Atholl Community Council Minutes (09/03/2021)

Present: Donald Isles (Chairman) Louise Fisher (Treasurer), Tony Dowson, Lynda Mutch (Minutes), Alistair Smith (Heartland Multimedia), Ramsay Beattie (Heartland Multimedia), Fiona Gordon, Nial Mackinlay, Ian Mackinlay

  1. Apologies for Absence Police, Cllr Xander McDade
  2. Minutes of Meeting on 10 November Minutes of the meeting of 12 January were proposed as accepted by DI and seconded by LF.
  3. Matters Arising
    3.1 House of Bruar Signage – no significant action or progress as yet. DI will keep CC informed as to developments.
    3.2 Public Toilets – no known action or progress as yet. TD will chase this up and update asap.
  4. BAATA New Identity
    BAATA intend to change their identity and name to TAG (The Atholl Glens). This is ongoing and they are currently working through a constitutional update. TD will
    keep community council informed on progress.
  5. COVID-19 Community Response
    Nothing significant to report. Only a couple of requests for assistance since the
    last CC meeting.
  6. Resilience Plan for Flood Alerts/Power Outages
    Heartland FM is an official broadcaster in the event of a power outage and their plan includes the ability to broadcast in the event of a power outage, with battery
    power for up to two hours of power, and a generator located just off site which will allow Heartland to broadcast throughout any power outage, albeit at a reduced
    service. Heartland are keen to join up with local community councils as an official communication channel. TD and RB are in discussion re this and TD agreed to
    provide hard copy of our area plan with up-to-date contacts. The village has a generator which can be used at the village hall in case of severe power outages. Thanks to Derek Crichton from Blair Atholl garage who has recently fixed and serviced the generator and also agreed to overhaul it annually as a service to the community. If required, the garage would also be able to provide fuel as they keep a supply for the breakdown lorries which does not rely on power being available to dispense. In addition a local resident, Barry Tyler, has volunteered to look after the generator on an ongoing basis and perform monthly checks. TD will be arranging training on how to operate generator and Heartland are able to video this.
  7. Wild Camping
    Wild camping continues to be an issue for the area and the first wild campers this year have already been reported, despite the “stay at home” message. FG
    stated that police get very few reports and encouraged locals to report any problems to both the Police and also PKC. The email address to use for PKC is Open campfires especially can cause damage and wildfires and NM asked if there were any way by-laws could be
    introduced to give more power to land managers or rangers to ban these, as mere guidance does not work. Community council will keep this issue on agenda
    to discuss with local councillors. Whilst police have been keen to take a softly-softly approach in the past, they are expected to be more proactive in the future
    and issue more on the spot fines.
  8. Trinafour 30mph Speed Limit
    MW has agreed to check with the roads network team and will report back on any progress.
  9. Heartland FM Banner
    DI was concerned that any banner could cause a distraction and may lead to non-authorised banners being erected. AS confirmed that Heartland were in
    discussion with Atholl Estates and would only use a banner in a responsible manner causing no obstruction or distraction, if such a position can be found.
  10. Finance
    LF reported no movement on the accounts since the last meeting. £50 due to be transferred to baby and toddler group will be done once LF has new account
    details from them.
  11. CNPA
    Community council will be contacted by CNPA over the summer to discuss update of Community Action Plan.
  12. Update Reports
    No reports this meeting as no Councillors available.
  13. Recruitment of Community Councillors
    Community Council is keen to encourage new members, especially from outwith the Bridge of Tilt area and asked both Fiona Gordon and Nial Mackinlay to
    consider this. Both will be invited to next meeting and DI will provide application forms if they are happy to proceed.
  14. AOCB
    14.1 Play Area – Play parks are looked at and redone in a cycle. PKC Infrastructure Team are formulating a list in April for this. CC agreed that there
    was definite scope for more variety and more suitable modern equipment. 14.2 Village Hall Wi-Fi – another area which could be looked at. Was not
    previously thought to be of great benefit, but could be used to e.g. encourage remote attendance at meetings.
    14.3 Covid Vaccination Programme – Whilst it was agreed the vaccination

programme was a success, there was some concern that not everyone was being called, and the mass vaccination centre had been shut down. LM confirmed that
everyone would be called in age tranches but that GPs can also arrange appointments if anyone felt they had been missed out. Some issues with
transport were also noted.

[Post meeting note – problems with supply were wholly responsible for slowing of vaccination programme and centre will be re-opening next week. Any resident aged 65-69 who has not yet been contacted should call 01382 423108 or email Local MPs/MSPs can also help with transport. Some members of Resilience Group also keen to help where necessary.]
14.4 Local Area Video – AS reported that listening online has increased considerably, with interest from abroad including people keen to visit or return to
the area. He confirmed that Heartland would like to include a series of videos on their website showing the hidden “gems” of Highland Perthshire. CC suggested
the Country Life Museum or Castle.

  1. Date of Next Meeting
    Tuesday 11 May at 7:30pm
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