Blair Atholl and Struan Community Council Minutes (11/05/2021)

Present: Donald Isles (Chairman), Tony Dowson, Lynda Mutch (Minutes), Cllr John Duff, Alistair Smith (Heartland Multimedia), Ramsay Beattie (Heartland Multimedia), Nial Mackinlay, Ian Mackinlay, Carol Cassie, Amy Liptrott

1. Apologies for Absence

Louise Fisher, Cllr Xander McDade, Fiona Gordon, Police

2. Minutes of Meeting on 9 March 

Minutes of the meeting of 9 March were proposed as accepted by TD and seconded by DI. 

3. Matters Arising

3.1 House of Bruar Signage – no progress as yet.  DI will keep CC informed.

3.2 Covid 19 Community Response – still have 18 volunteers on standby if required

3.4 Trinafour 30mph Speed Limit –the roads team were mapping out over a month ago.  JD has received confirmation that the works had been ordered, although contractor has a significant backlog of sign installations and no date is available as yet.  Residents have concern re siting of the sign and JD will check this.

(Post meeting note – layout plan now received and acceptable to residents).

3.5 Play Area – Jeannie Grant will be in touch once organised.

3.6 Village Hall Wi-Fi – no progress as yet.

4. Finance

£50 promised to Baby & Toddler Group has been paid.  Balance now stands at:

£1705.16 Reserve Account

£622.20 Treasurer’s Account

5. Public Toilets

There are issues with the battery back-up for the door closure and with the sinks.  As the factory providing spare parts has been furloughed, this is causing delays in obtaining necessary parts.  Portaloos have been delivered on site but need cleaned twice a day.  PKC are unable to supply anyone for two weeks.  JD will speak to Food in the Park in the meantime.  If anyone is aware of someone local who can carry out this function, please speak to DI.  A full review of public toilets in P&K is to be carried out.

6. Dirty Camping

With restrictions being relaxed slightly, this has not been so much of a problem. Seven rangers have now been recruited.  JD encouraged anyone reporting dirty campers to use “What 3 Words” app to report as it gives a more exact location.  It was suggested that we introduce by-laws to stop wildfires, but JD explained that by-laws had to be approved by the Scot Gov and involved a lengthy and complicated process.

7. The Atholl Glens (Formerly BAATA)

TD asked CC to consider what information they would want included in new TAG website.  TAG will not be a solely tourism related organisation but will support all local businesses as well as the local community.

8. Resilience Plan

TD has arranged for keys to be cut for the generator room.  AL agreed to be one holder.  Heartland thanked TD for providing area plan and congratulated TD for quality of document.

9. Pitagowan Private Road 

Local community are keen to explore the possibility of PKC adopting the private road which is currently owned by Atholl Estates.

10. CNPA

CNPA is producing a map to show community owned and managed assets with the aim of helping to attract visitors to them.  The aim is to publish the map before the end of the month.

11. Update Reports

12.1 Covid vaccination programme going very well with over 70% of adults in PKC area now had first vaccine and 40% have had second.  Clinic is running two days per week and in addition, there is an asymptomatic testing centre in Atholl Rd car park on a Monday between 10am and 4pm.

12.2 Community Investment Fund is due to be opened up for applications soon.  

12. Recruitment of Community Councillors

NM would like to meet up with a couple of community council members in the next month or so to find out what is involved and make a judgement as to whether or not he would be able help out.  DI will arrange this as we are very keen to have representation from Struan area.

Head teacher at BA primary school would like to attend meetings once his workload eases and could possibly become Associate member.

FG is currently on holiday, but is interested in joining CC.

PKC has issued a letter from someone in Dunkeld who is trying to co-ordinate a central volunteer register and then match these volunteers to gaps in local organisations such as Community Councils.  Rather than become involved with this, TD suggested that, as the Covid and Resilience volunteers wind down, he contact the people who have already become involved locally and ask if they would like to become involved in other areas in the community. 

13. AOCB

13.1 Hourglass Scotland (previously called Action on Elder Abuse) have asked if they could attend a meeting to discuss their Community Hub project to bring a wide range of support services for older people.  It was agreed that this would be a very good idea once we were able to have physical meetings, due to the time constraints of Zoom, and could possibly be tied in with a social event.  TD has been working regularly with Pitlochry Covid team on social isolation for older people.  This was always an issue but has obviously been exacerbated by Covid due to being cut off from family and friends.  Blair Atholl’s own social events have been stopped due to Covid but it is hoped that these will restart once regulations allow.

13.2 Despite parking responsibly at Calvine, LM had a letter put on her car suggesting photographs had been taken and would be reported to Police/Council.  IM assured that this was not representative of whole community.

13.3 The idea of holding future meetings in person was received with mixed feelings as people from outside area would be less likely to be able to attend.  It was suggested that a “hybrid” part virtual meeting could be investigated.

14. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 13 July at 7:30pm

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