Blair Atholl & Struan Community Council Minutes 13/06/2021

Present: Donald Isles (Chairman), Tony Dowson, Lynda Mutch (Minutes), Alistair Smith (Heartland Multimedia), Ramsay Beattie (Heartland Multimedia), Carol Cassie,

  1. Apologies for Absence

Louise Fisher, Cllr Mike Williamson, Cllr John Duff, Nial Mackinlay, Police

  • Minutes of Meeting on 11 May 2021

Minutes of the meeting of 11 May 2021 were approved.

  • Finance

Treasurers a/c – expenditure this period includes £22.50 for generator keys and £20.84 for AED batteries.  Balance now £578.86.  No change on reserve account (£1705.16).

  • Matters Arising:
    • House of Bruar signage –  nothing to report
    • COVID-19 : Community response – there has not been any additional requests, despite Covid being present in the community
    • Trinafour 30mph speed limit  – Cllr John Duff had followed this up after the last meeting and was expecting resolution by end of May.  DI will ask JD to chase up again
    • Play Area – nothing to report
    • Village Hall Wi-fi – nothing to report
    • Pitagowan private road – nothing to report
    • Public toilets – now working and free to use
  • Dirty Camping

Police had been contacted re Nae Limits at Ballinluig using private land in Calvine for their customers to relieve themselves.  A landowner at Kingussie has set up an area with facilities for campervans to park overnight and dispose of their waste. 

Parking wardens have given out a number of parking tickets and moved people on from clearways.

  • The Atholl Glens (formerly BAATA)

New website is now up and running.  DI still to provide info regarding our own Community Council.

  • Resilience Team

TD hopeful that members of the community who were on the Covid support group will move on to the resilience team as the need for Covid support diminishes.  DI confirmed that the resilience team were covered by the community council insurance, as they were a sub-group of the community council.

  • Heartland FM

Community Council minutes are available in Iris, Heartland’s digital magazine and also on community page of Heartland website.  AS asked that added to distribution list to ensure minutes are included in Iris.

DI asked about the changes to the Heartland news bulletins.  AS explained that Heartland had previously purchased a Scottish bulletin and supplemented this with local news.  This Scottish bulletin had now been withdrawn and replaced with a National bulletin which was less suitable. Heartland FM are looking at an alternative.

  • Blair Atholl Train Service

We currently have only four trains per day southbound with long gaps between them.  Although trains may run every two hours, they do not stop in Blair Atholl.  DI will write to Scotrail to ask them to restore discontinued trains or introduce Blair Atholl stops.

  1. Queen’s 70th Jubilee June 2022

Although this is some time away, if the village is going to do anything, we will need to start planning soon.  Possibly a group could be set up, as with the Diamond Jubilee when the village had a party in the park.  Any volunteers from the village willing to become involved, please contact a member of the Community Council.  

  1. CNPA

National Lottery Heritage Fund has awarded up to £12.5 million to a landscape-scale project in the Cairngorms National Park. The project is designed to tackle the climate emergency, protect and enhance biodiversity, and deliver meaningful improvements to people’s health and wellbeing. 

  1. Update Reports

No reports this meeting as no Councillors present.

  1. Recruitment of Community Councillors

DI will contact Nial Mackinlay to discuss his interest in the community council.  LM will send out forms to other residents who had expressed an interest in becoming part of the community council. 

DI informed the meeting that it was his intention to step down at the next election in autumn 2022.  A new chair and secretary will therefore be required.

  1. Blair Atholl Lade

DI explained that the Lade was dry because the river had established a drop on the opposite side of the river to where the lade gets its fill.  To fix this will not be an insignificant task and Atholl Estates are working on getting this organised.  DI will keep CC informed.

  1. AOCB


  1. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 14 September at 7.30pmnearer the time we will know whether or not we can/should have the meeting in the village hall. 

It is unlikely that we will have been able to install wifi by that point but TD has been in touch with the resilience team of PKC asking if any funding was available and they have promised to look into this.  TD will keep CC informed.  AS recommended an IT company used by Heartland who would be able to give an independent assessment of our requirements.  AS will pass on contact details to DI.

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