Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council 12/09/2021

  1. Attendance
    1. Present: Community Councillors – Andrew Cave, Caroline Robinson, Stewart Pritchard, Laura Graham, Chris Claydon, Lachlan MacEwan

PKC Councillors – Anne Jarvis, 

Members of the public – Ramsay Beattie (Heartland), Alistair Smith (Heartland), 

  1. Apologies – Calum Martin
  2. Minutes of the last meeting – Proposed Stewart Pritchard Seconded Andrew Cave
  3. Treasurer’s report – Balances as at the end of June:

Treasurer’s account – £703.79 (Outstanding liability for a contribution to the Zoom account costs)

Grants account – £13,480.21

Available funds – 

SSE Covid – £6,161

SSE Griffin – £4,500 (no change from last meeting)

The new accounts should be applied for by the end of today so crossing fingers it all goes smoothly.

  • Affordable Housing ‘solutions’ discussion – with PKC Officers (POSTPONED) Unfortunately the PKC Affording housing enabler (Campbell Hall)

was unexpectedly unavailable for this meeting. Caroline has emailed him to try to

get him confirmed for the September meeting. Campbell Hall deals with

development and is currently considering rural affordable housing options. He

has also committed to identifying a colleague in the Planning Development

department that will be working on the new licensing order for short term lets

under which legislation PKC will need a scheme to be developed by 1 October


Chris felt that we should be getting Atholl Estates and National Trust for Scotland and Living Rent – Scotland’s Tenants’ Unionto come along, as PKC rents were not the problem. Caroline explained that she saw inviting PKC along as an opportunity to speak to them as advisors and convening authority. Andrew agreed that Caroline’s suggestion of speaking to the PKC folk as a first stage – and following that we could then engage with the other players at future meetings.  

PH8 survey has evidenced that affordable housing is a high priority concern in the community – The draft report says:

‘A third major theme in the comments at Question 5 related to the issue of housing. In general, respondents wanted more affordable, good-quality housing (not ‘sardine housing’) for local people, young families and first-time buyers; and better options for renting flats and houses. A specific need was identified for social housing and sheltered housing. Respondents also wanted to see fewer holiday homes, and suggested restrictions, penalties or taxes on second-home ownership in the area.’

 Lachlan reported that the PH8 survey feedback sessions at the various halls were not hugely well attended apart from Amulree. There is a bit of nervousness about sharing the results of the survey as this is not the end of work.  Lachlan is of the view that following the Community Action plan there will be a group emerge to tackle the housing issue.  

  • Planning – 21/00981/FLL | Erection of 2 dwellinghouses | Land 40 Metres East Of Lagbeag Little Dunkeld

Chris commented that the proposal did nothing to address the affordable housing. Caroline concerned about the access – with the proximity to the pedestrian crossing.  Lachlan concerned about the fact that there has been a planning application proposed previously and this was refused. Also concerned about the access from the road. Andrew felt that we should reference our concerns about the proximity to the pedestrian crossing.  Stewart highlighted the footpath between the plot and the Bruce Garden’s plot, that the fencing should be limited in height.  Helen to draft this asap. 

Caroline suggested that we keep a record of what the outcome of the planning applications.  The meeting agreed to this.  Re the Craft Diner – Andrew agreed that he would speak to the planner to get some more insight on why the proposal was approved.  Lachlan explained that several members of the Community who had objected to the Craft Diner did not attend the Planning meeting due to their understanding that Andrew was going to attend the Planning meeting. However, Andrew unfortunately forgot to attend the meeting due to family circumstances, for which he has apologised. 

Lachlan pointed out that he was down at the Station the other day and during that time there were a large number of nearly accidents, so this should be something that we bring up with the Council/Transport Scotland wider than just this planning application. Andrew will phone up the planner to get some more commentary on the decision. 

The Community Council agreed that there was no community interest in the planning application in Trochry.  

  • Community Council Communications

Caroline explained that we could pay the Bridge £20 per month to get our section updated regularly or we could do it ourselves and just pay £5 per month.  Caroline suggested that we maybe need to think of having a communication policy.  Caroline to draft something short to bring to the next meeting.  

  • Cathedral Closure update – Cathedral grounds reopened, with heras fencing protecting the areas which are unsafe.
  • Footpaths – Stewart reported that we had communication from David MacDougall who is concerned about the continued closure of the Hermitage path from the Inver car park. David attended a Community Council meeting to raise this issue a couple of years ago.  Stewart has spoken to David and has requested the engineers report on the options for re-opening the path from Forestry and Land Scotland. Once he has received this he will share it with David and the CC. Caroline raised the issue of electric fencing blocking a core path up at Mill Dam/Ordie. Caroline will contact the access officer.  
  • Police update (if available)

As there was no input for June the following report covers the period from May 7th – 12th July, 2021.


Over the period police have responded to over a 100 incident for the Dunkeld area.  Call have ranged from:

  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Missing Persons
  • Assisting Other Agencies
  • Theft from motor vehicle
  • Repeat Caller
  • Disturbance Calls
  • Concern for Person Calls.


  • A male has been charged for theft of diesel fuel from a vehicle in Butterstone.
  • Several assaults detected including – an incident in which a female was arrested and charged for domestic assault and assaulting police officers.
  • A male Breached his Bail and was arrested and charged.


A significant increase in traffic volume on the A9 has led to extensive tails backs, on occasions and a slight increase in road traffic accidents.  Often a result of people not looking far enough ahead to see potential dangers/issues.  With the increase in traffic, please think ahead, allow yourself extra time, be observant at junctions, show patience with other drivers and if you are not in a hurry, allow other drivers to overtake safely. Chris will put this section on Facebook – Helen to send to Chris.

  1. AOB

Road safety – The two ‘Officer Karens’ are up! – One on Torwood park area and one on the Sawmill end of the village for traffic coming into the village. They are padlocked in place. Caroline reported that the officer Karen is already have an effect, as she has had feedback from a member of the public who was very pleased.

The speed monitoring equipment has arrived – but we are waiting for the instructions on how to use them.  The plan is to activate the equipment to see the impact on traffic speed.  

Also had a discussion that the road safety subgroup doesn’t really serve a purpose. So Road safety should be a main item on the CC meeting and divide out actions as necessary.

Andrew planning to organise a follow up meeting with the PKC roads team to follow up on the issues which were discussed previously.

Lachlan – foliage over footpath at North Lodge – who do we get to address this? Andrew will speak to the owner to ask that they sort it out.  

Grass cutting at the electric car charging bay – Lachlan will find out who to report it to and pass the details on to the member of the public who is concerned.

Lachlan asked if the CC had every been contacted about the moving of the Dunkeld Station.  Helen/Stewart and Andrew said that this had never happened. Apparently, the news is that the station will not be moved, so the opportunity is there for the community to make use of the building. Lachlan to find out some more details if at all possible.

Chris – resident concerned about the Boat Road and the quarry traffic. Another bit of dyke been taken down which is impacting on the road stability. Chris will take photos and send to Andrew who will chase this up with PKC enforcement/roads.

Facebook – comment was made on the condition of the properties in Dunkeld and how run down the place was looking. Chris has been in touch with NTS about the need to tackle the weeds etc.  Chris to approach NTS about the repainting of the houses particularly around the Cross. 

Chris reported an issue around pavement parkers at the Cross, causing an obstruction to pedestrians and wheelchair users. Chris concerned that it is a few regular offenders and wondered about the Community Council writing to the offenders. Andrew said that he felt that it was a matter for the police rather than something that the Community Council should get involved in.  Also need to include this in the issues to be discussed with the PKC Roads team.

Lachlan suggested re the Griffin Micro grants that should we have excess funds towards the end of the year that we should offer money to local groups who have not been able to fund raise during the pandemic.  Stewart explained that they would have to make an application for a specific purpose. Helen agreed that Lachlan’s idea was a good one and that if we were in this situation we could surely encourage groups to apply for something. 

Andrew intimated that following the September meeting we will need to have an election.

Andrew also intimated that we aim to have the meetings as 2-hour meetings. 

Bridge correspondent – not required as next issue not until September.Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council

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