Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council – 13th of July

Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council
Ordinary Meeting – 13 th July 2020 – 7pm – by Zoom

  1. Attendance
    Present: Stuart Paton, Stewart Pritchard, Andrew Cave, Calum Martin, Chris Claydon Helen Taylor, Councillor Ann Jarvis,
    Apologies: Grant Laing
    Members of the public present: Alastair Smith Heartland FM, Alasdair Wylie, Lachlan McEwan
  2. Minutes of last meeting approved.
  3. Stuart started off with a short comment on the tragedy at the River Braan where a young girl was sadly killed. Discussion about the dangers of rivers and how it is not just visitors but also locals who can get in trouble. There are signs at the Hermitage warning people.
  4. Treasurer’s Report – The balance in the Treasurer’s account is £14,052.37 and in the Grants account £3,664. Several deposits in the Treasurer’s account need transferring to the Grants account – which should be done by September. Grants have been paid out to the Bridge £1440, and to Dunkeld and Birnam Tourist association £500 – both from the Covid recovery fund.
  5. Update on Coronavirus activities. Core shopping prescription activities quite a significant decline over the last week or so – but are still there for people who require it. The printing service is up and running – but has not been used much. Have put up signs around the village encouraging people to follow the social distancing and mask usage. The one-way system around the bridge is up and running. Concern from people about the direction of travel, due to the narrowness of the pavement. Have asked PKC should people be walking with their back to the traffic? Awaiting the Council’s view on this. Some people find it safer walking facing the traffic. But tricky to satisfy everyone. Majority view seems to be that travelling facing the traffic would be more sensible. Request for Ann Jarvis to pursue the direction of traffic with PKC officers. Foodbanks in the phone boxes still getting used. Discussed the longevity of the phone boxes in Dunkeld and Birnam.
  6. Matters arising and subject updates.
    1. Policing – report from PC Band (Helen Taylor) Helen relayed a report sent in from PC Band. A number of crimes recorded in the Dunkeld and Birnam area since April 2020, ranging from Road Traffic offences, Theft of a motor vehicle, vandalism and assault. All of these have been detected.
    2. Environment/Planning – Change of Use application for Newtyle Farm – https://planningapps.pkc.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QC2H9WMKJWJ00. The meeting discussed the Change of Use application for Newtyle Farm. The meeting agreed that the proposal for a haulage contractor’s was inappropriate for this rural area – particularly as it is in the National Scenic Area. Also concern about increase in HGV traffic on the Boat Road and Dunkeld Bridge. Helen to draft an objection to this proposal.
    3. Road Safety Subgroup. Calum met with Sustrans – PKC traffic team in the council are looking at the possibility of traffic lights on the bridge and also a zebra crossing on the main street. Also discussed tapping into some design expertise to help resolve some of the issues. Sustrans booked up to July 2021, Pocket Places team – booked up for 2020. Third option Places for People – Stewart Inglis – could apply for funding for that programme. Need to get the road safety group together to discuss the options and move forward. Two Pop up police officers have been ordered. Also some new speed monitoring equipment being purchased so we will get a shot of it after Blairgowrie. Calum to submit a brief micro grant application to keep the funding of this regular. Further discussion was had about traffic management in the village. This will be progressed by the Road Safety Subgroup. The delay in the installation of the disabled parking place outside the chemist has been referred to the traffic team! Bike racks are on their way. Another thing for the road safety sub group.
    4. Transport (other).
      1. A9 Community Group – Alasdair Wylie.
        What will be the solution to the Pass of Birnam to Tay Crossing? Finding a middle way between the Community Preferred Route and the alternative route. Possibly not until September will we know what the minister has decided in terms of a preferred route – wanting to have a public event. All the notes and updates can be found at the online version of The Bridge – in the A9 section. A9 Dualling group aiming to have an online AGM within the next month. It will be publicised in the usual ways. The vast majority of the exploratory groundworks has been completed. Once the preferred route is agreed then that will be the end of DMRB stage 2 – and Stage 3 will commence. Stage 3 may take up to a year. So well into next year before we might see any publication of draft orders (late 2021). May be a public inquiry if there are objections. Still expecting that this section will be the last section to be completed of the whole A9 dualling route. Stuart expressed the thanks of the CC for all the huge effort which Alasdair and Lachlan and the team have put into this work.
    5. Roads Network PKC produced a paper around using of clearways to manage informal camping around places like Cluny Loch. So if any problems of this nature people should notify the Community Safety contact in PKC.
  7. AOB- Discussion around the minutes and the noticeboards. Chris et al to populate the noticeboards and Helen to circulate the minutes to Heartland FM.
    End of main meeting
  8. Griffin Grants
    a. Micro grants
    Football Club Grant – Approved for support
    Tayside Orienteers – Approved for support
    b. Griffin Windfarm Main Fund
    Helen updated the meeting on the latest grants approved by the Griffin Panel.

Next meeting: – Monday 14 th September 2020 – 7pm probably by Zoom – email Dbcc.correspondence@gmail.com to register for attendance
Members of the public are most welcome to attend

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