Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council Minutes (12/04/2021)

Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council

Ordinary Meeting – Monday 12 April 2021 – 7pm – by Zoom


  1. Attendance
    1. Community Council: Stewart Pritchard, Andrew Cave, Chris Claydon, Lachlan MacEwan, Laura Graham, Calum Martin, Caroline Robinson, Helen Taylor
    2. Councillors: Grant Laing. Anne Jarvis, 
    3. Members of the Public: Alistair Smith (Heartland), Ramsay Beattie (Heartland), Paul Cargill (PA), Ashleigh Keenan-Bryce (Heartland)
  1. Chairing of the meeting and election of a new Chair of the Community Council – Stewart got advice from Pam Rogalski – the appointment of Chair should be the first agenda item.  If there is no appointment of a Chair then the meeting cannot continue unless there is a Vice Chair.  If no-one steps up into chair or vice chair then the Council goes into abeyance. We can still meet but cannot take any decisions.  

Andrew volunteered to be Vice Chair while Lachlan considered putting his name forward for the position of Chair at the next meeting.  Andrew was proposed as Vice Chair by Chris and seconded by Stewart, and thereby was duly elected as Vice Chair.  However Calum continued to chair this meeting.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting – Helen to circulate and Lachlan suggesting that the CC look at the costs for employing someone to take the minutes.  Caroline proposed and Andrew seconded the minutes.
  2. Strathtay Action Partnership – funding and opportunities for working together – Cat Gordon unable to attend tonight’s meeting due to a family issue. Hopes to be able to come to the May meeting. Stewart outlined the grants available from the SAP.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Stewart

Treasurer’s a/c  Balance £761.26

Due to pay c £100 for Zoom account contributions.

Grants a/c  Balance £16,993.04

Available as Micro grants £4500

Available as SSE Covid grants £6161

We have received from SSE our 2021 m/grants top-up of £4,900.

Outstanding grant award of £500 (cheque not yet cashed) from Jan 21 – SP will follow-up.

Remaining funds held on behalf of other groups and projects including the PH8 Group, Babies & Toddlers and the Paths Group.  Defibrillator project funds are being transferred to ‘Lucky2B Here’ to consolidate with other D&B project funds and take advantage of the larger project’s buying power.

Helen updated the CC on the meeting with the other Griffin panel Community Council reps regarding the microgrant discussions.  

  1. Consultation on the performance of the gritting and snow clearing service – all

Amulree area majority thought it was fairly good. Lachlan reported that the Dalguise area was pretty poor. School bus going up to the school despite of Covid.

Chris – pavements around the Cross were pretty good but the road area was not so good.  Birnam pavements were not brilliant.  Helen to respond to PKC.

  1. Engagement with Atholl Estates – Caroline

Caroline reminded the meeting that we had a brief intro from Atholl Estates at our January meeting. Caroline has spoken to them further about the PH8 Vision group etc. Atholl said that they had quite a tight timeframe due to the Local Planning process starting in the Autumn. Having undertaken research on engaging communities in decisions relating to land, Caroline recommended that we should ask Atholl if they have an engagement plan.  Caroline proposed two actions: 

  • Invite Atholl back and publicise it as an opportunity to engage with Atholl. 
  • And at that meeting ask Atholl to present their engagement plan – including the timeframe.  

Stewart pleased that Atholl have made steps to engage with the Community, and highlighted the National Scenic Area issue at Haughend.

Chris – feels important to have a public meeting. Concerns about the location and the potential size of a development there and what are their motives. Andrew Cave – agreed that it was good that they have approached to the community. Andrew feels that it falls to the PH8 group to have a more strategic exploration of what is needed.  Lachlan – agrees that it is important for the Community to get a proper opportunity to hear about their plans – so important to publicise it properly.  Feels that the PH8 and that Community Council should work together on this.  It was agreed that the PH8 Vision initiative not really designed to cover this sort of land use question.  Grant suggested that there was not a massive rush around the Local Development Plan. 

Actions – Helen to go back to PKC to discuss timeframes of the Local Development Plan process.  Caroline to include information about the Atholl Estate discussions to date in her Bridge column.

  1. Planning applications:
    1. Lodges at Dunkeld House Hotel – 21/00436/FLL – Stewart visited the site and noted that it has lots of bluebells and that the ecological survey which was done in the autumn missed these – consequently there is a need more habitat surveying work.  The application has lighting scheme but the proposals seem grossly out of place in a woodland setting – and there are far better designs of lighting which casts light down onto a path. Helen to redraft our response and share prior to submission.
  2. Road Safety issues – updates

Andrew no significant updates – PKC still prioritising the stuff delayed due to Covid and also the 20pmh zones. But the broader discussions are not progressing. And no update on the Newton Bridge repair timescales. Stewart reported about the bridge being used by nesting sand martins. If they start nesting then they would be in full swing by the time the planned bridge work. Stewart suggested to the council that hanging a tarpaulin to stop any birds starting to use the structure – but that ran into problems due to the Bridge being used by bats. However the tarp has now been successfully installed – so the planned timetable for the works should not be delayed.

Chris – had a couple of residents asking about improvements to the yellow lines and disabled bay painting. Also residents on Cathedral Street concerned about people parking on the street and blocking their accesses.  Chris asked about if the CC could send out a letter about parking on the pavement at the Cross.  Andrew thought that it would be good to promote good parking across the board.  

Resident’s parking permits – should be some in the Cross and elsewhere. Councillors Grant Laing and Anne Jarvis will progress this at PKC level – and will explore how the Community Council can contribute to this as well.

Traffic monitoring – the equipment is still at Blairgowrie so still waiting for this. Calum and Laura have still to get the ‘Officer Karens’ deployed.  

Discussion about parking – Caroline said that this is an issue which should be discussed under the PH8 Vision process.  

We also had a brief discussion about motorhome overnight parking at the North Car Park and agreed that there was a need to find a successful solutions to dissuade motorhomes from parking overnight at this car park.

  1. Police update (if available)
  2. Bridge correspondent for the May issue- Caroline – deadline 16th April. 
  3. AOB
    1. Helen reported on various correspondence which she had actioned. 
    2. Lachlan suggesting that we put Broadband connectivity on the agenda for next time.
    3. Chris’s enquiries re Dunkeld Station – PKC confirmed that there is an application submitted and will it be advertised when validated.
    4. Dog poo bins – Laura going to put out an email asking for more bins in a variety of places. 
    5. Lachlan suggested that Heartland could do some messaging about the opening up the area at the end of April. Ramsay said that they would be happy to do something like this if someone asked them.

End of main meeting

  1. Griffin Grants
    1. Micro grants – No new applications. Lachlan asked about whether there was any requirement for reports. Stewart explained that it is really light touch but that he has put in two conditions on the grants – 1. that they acknowledge the grant somewhere and 2. that they do a short report after 6 months. 
    2. Griffin Main fund – next meeting in June – and a large grant application from the Crannog Centre will be considered. Agreement finally concluded on the Griffin Endowment Fund – just going through the final legal steps.

Next meeting: – Monday 10th May 2021 – 7pm probably by Zoom – 

email  Dbcc.correspondence@gmail.com to register for attendance

Members of the public are most welcome to attend

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