Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council Minutes – April 2022

DBCC April 2022 Minutes


  1. Attendance

Lachlan MacEwan, Alan Wylie, Stewart Pritchard, Calum Martin, Laura Graham, Chris Claydon, Anne Jarvis, Ian James, Alistair Smith (Heartland FM), Nathaniel Goddard (Heartland FM), Paul Cargill (Perthshire Advertiser)

Members of the public: 2

  1. Minutes of the last meeting ~ approved
  2. Declaration of interest ~ none
  3. Resignation ~ Caroline Robinson
  4. Treasurer’s report & micro grants update

Operational account – £543.46 – only 1 transaction for Zoom account.

Grants account – £7760.96 – only one microgrant to D&B Events Group Santa Day.

Available to CC – microgrants £100 pending SSE top-up.

SSE Covid – £5240.

AOB from now on to be held at the beginning of the meeting to enable the chair to allocate time to topics which will hopefully reduce the overall meeting time

  1. AOB:

Stewart ~ Dunkeld now has a Cycling Without Age group – volunteers take elderly or people with limited mobility out on one hour tricycle rides.

Anyone interested in the service or interested in being a volunteer cyclist should check out details on The Bridge website or get in touch with DBCC and Stewart will pass on your details.

Alan ~ none

Members of the public ~ none

Alistair ~ none

Calum ~ none

Chris ~ Mike Stead from Highland Perthshire Cycling has been back in touch to ask us to fill in their survey as DBCC. The CC agreed that we would be unable to gather group thoughts without holding a specific meeting. All CC members will, instead, try and fill in the short survey in a personal capacity.

Action: CC members to try and fill in survey by the 15th of April

Ruth Brown from the Community Archive has been in touch to invite CC members to visit the archive to view their extension plans. Laura, Chris, Alan and Lachlan have all expressed an interest in visiting

Action: Chris to arrange a visit with Ruth Brown

Anne ~ none

Laura ~ members of community where enquiring about the possibly a sign at the Cross at the top of the cobbles, there is currently no indication of where the toilets and cathedral are, may be useful for visitors.

Action: Laura to contact PKC to see how the community could do this

Lachlan ~ Lachlan was in touch with Paul Garden at PKC to raise the concerns around the lack of maintenance and rubbish dumping at Stell Park, Paul Garden is sending out a team to assess.

Action: Chris to forward photographs of Stell Park to Paul Garden and keep concerned resident updated

Some Birnam residents had expressed concerns about what appeared to be an abandoned car ~ Lachlan and Chris were in touch with Police Scotland, the car is not abandoned but belongs to a Birnam resident

Action: Lachlan to pass this information on

  1. Amulree & Strathbraan litter picking

Alan ~ Amulree & Strathbraan community last month organized a total of 29 litter pickers that covered a total of 28 miles, all through Newton Bridge, Glen Quaich and all the way up to Scotson, 73 full black bags were gathered.

They noted a reduction in litter from last year, there was a wide variety of litter which included car parts and tyres, 6 road signs, 10 reflector poles, 5 cones, satellite dishes and 2 instances of fly tipping where 20kg of frozen food had been dumped. The team were able to identify the organisation that the food came from, and they have made contact with them.

It was felt that some form of signage may help to reduce the littering.

It was noted that many of the bins along A822, are full and have been full for a long period which may be contributing to the problem. It was suggested that if PKC were to remove the charge put on commercial companies when visiting council tips perhaps this would lessen the rubbish dumping.

The litter picking exercise is done on an annual basis and it is clear that it still needs to be done.

Ian thanked the Amulree & Strathbraan community for organizing the litter picking and said that one other council has removed the commercial fee as they were spending £500,000 on fly tipping.

Anne has been involved in litter picking fairly recently and a said that a lot of dumped waste comes from builders but that there has been, in general, a reduction in littering across PKC.

Action: Anne and Ian will look at following up with PKC

  1. Public Procession ~ CC have no issue with the procession.

Action: Chris to feedback

  1. Community Action Plan & Development Trust update

A member of the public informed us that the first meeting of the new Steering Group will be on Wednesday

Lachlan hoping that the CC can find a member of the CC to liase and update between the steering group. Calum has stepped down and Caroline has resigned from CC, Stewart taking on a role with PH8 in environment, Chris happy to liase in the meantime.

Ian felt it was obvious that CC members should be on the PH8 group, he felt there was a role for the CC within the group.

Lachlan ~ the Steering Group was there to launch the CAP, and several new members have now since joined.

Alan had sent a note regarding the CAP and Development Trust and feels there needs to be a clear understanding between the CC and the roles of the DTA to avoid both bodies looking at the same subjects.

Lachlan reassured Alan that the new body born out of the group will not be there to take over but will be an umbrella organisation to support other groups and help move things forward.

Laura asked whether the community would have a voice in voting for the trustees of the DTA.

Chris and Lachlan explained how the voting of the trustees and the DTA will work and what say local residents would have.

Lucy from DTA said that once the trust was formed, after a short time, the trustees step down and are then re-elected.

Calum discussed the importance of the transition body which succeeds the Steering Group and highlighted that the main role of the transition body will be to create and launch a formal group which will oversee the delivery of the Community Action Plan (CAP) on behalf of the community throughout the 5 years of the Plan. This new group will likely be constituted as a charity, whose membership will be open to all in the PH8 Community and whose Trustees are likely to be appointed by a public vote. It will be key to the success of the delivery of the CAP to have as many people from the community as possible involved in the new group.

A member of the public requested that we have sight of all sub groups ~ they had had a meeting with Blairgowrie & Rattray DTA and expressed how vital it is to have the community’s participation ~ it’s important to be able to see who is involved and who is missing and who we should be trying to engage in the whole process.

Action: Chris and Lachlan to report back at next CC meeting.

10. Roads, traffic & Parking update

Chris informed us that a member of the public had contacted the CC to raise the issue of cars parking on the verge and pavement along the A984 and that camper vans were setting up camp alongside the river bank. The member of the public had been present at the walk around meeting but, unfortunately, there had not been the opportunity to raise this particular hot spot at that time.

The CC are very aware of the dangerous nature of the parking along the A984 and hope that something can be done, Chris had a very helpful chat with a traffic warden who had suggested a number of possibilities for reducing this type of parking.

Ian suggested that it may be possible to install a clearway like the one in Clunie and Laura wondered if Caroline had followed up on the illegal parking prior to her resignation.

Calum felt that a clearway would be the way forward, it was suggested that PKC are looking at it.

Nathaniel touched on the illegal campervan parking and suggested perhaps a sign to direct campers to more suitable sites such as the Douglas Fir Wood camping site would be beneficial.

He shared the following link

Alan said that, arguably, the whole topic of roads and parking is probably one of the most important subjects that the CC deal with and it is vital, given that it has been going on for such a long time, that some kind of consensus is reached.

A member of the public had spoken to business owners and wondered whether someone could speak to PKC and look at the possibility of permits for business owners paid for by the businesses for employees, they also agreed that there needs to be some resolution on the parking situation.

As regards the parking issue, Stewart reminded the CC that we had to be careful and not discriminate against a particular user group, (cyclists for example), just because they are identifiable.

There was some talk around extending the car parks.

Chris is concerned that extending the car parks may just increase the problem and have a further negative impact on residents, she feels that the village has reached saturation point and pointed out that we are not short on tourists.

Anne felt that the business owners could go to council and ask themselves about permits she also added that by sorting out one person’s problem you can create another for someone else.

Alan wondered why the parking in our car parks is chargeable while in other Perthshire towns it is free, Ian added that we need to be careful what we wish for – if the parking was made free, people would park all day.

Lachlan agreed with everything discussed and said it was important for the CC to identify a member to engage with PKC and take all these questions on board.

Laura happy to take on this role, Alan will join Laura as her second.

11. Roles & Responsibilities update

Role/ TaskCC Member
ChairLachlan MacEwan
SecretaryChris Claydon
TreasurerStewart Pritchard
Prepare agendasChris Claydon
Note of meetingsChris Claydon
Action log keeperCalum Martin
Manage Zoom a/cStewart Pritchard (Chris & Laura)
Public liability insurance (annually)Stewart Pritchard
Risk assessments (meeting venues) – for insuranceStewart Pritchard
Manage correspondence email a/cChris Claydon
Manage facebookChris, Calum & Laura
Bridge articles (monthly)On rotation
Planning application lists – circulate onlyChris Claydon, all
Police Commanders lists – circulate onlyChris Claydon
Occasional consultationsAssign as appropriate
Forestry consultationsStewart Pritchard
Road Safety sub-groupLaura Graham & Alan Wylie
Affordable housingPH8 Matters leading/ survey underway
Micro grant applications – decisions and correspondence, liaison/reporting to SSEStewart Pritchard
Griffin Main Panel repChris Claydon
Community Investment Fund rep (Strathtay CAP)Stewart Pritchard
Liaison A9 DuallingLachlan MacEwan
Liaison Network Rail/ ScotRail?Garth Ponsonby
Liaison PH8 Matters – thematic groupsChris Claydon (steering group) Stewart Pritchard (environment)
Liaison PH8 Steering GroupTo discuss with PH8
D&B Community Resilience Planning/ Plan reviewAlan Wylie – Check needs with PKC
Resilience group volunteersLink above
Phone boxes (use and maintenance), signage, risk assessmentDiscuss next meeting – find vols
Community notice boards (use and maintenance)Chris Claydon
Data manager? (PKC noted we needed one of these)Chris Claydon/Calum Martin – ask PKC what needed? Inc emails Whatsapp

12. Planning

Lachlan has checked with PKC and, despite the recent resignation which has left us low on fully elected members, we are still currently able to make decisions.

Inver planning application:

The Community Council voted to object to the Inver Old Stable block planning application.

Lachan wanted to ensure that one of us could attend should the application go to committee, Chris happy to volunteer if she is free when the date is announced.

Action: Chris to compose letter of objection for submission to PKC

Craft diner, Taybank and Tay Terrace planning applications all to be considered.

Action: Any concerns contact Chris by evening of the 12th of April.

Lachlan has spoken to Grant Laing and will confirm how we can continue to function in the meantime until November CC elections.

Stewart will also check with SSE to see how they would like us to consider applications and whether we can still award grants.

  1. Police Update ~ none, Commander’s Bulletin continues to be sent out.

Ian and Anne both thanked DBCC for making them feel very welcome. Lachlan thanked all three councillors for their continued support

Date of next meeting – 9th May 2022

End of Community Council Meeting

Griffin Micro Grants Tennis Club ~ approved.

Griffin Main Grant Report

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