Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council Minutes – May 2022

Dunkeld & Birnam May Minutes Meeting – 9th May 2022


Lachlan MacEwan, Stewart Pritchard, Laura Graham, Alan Wylie, Calum Martin, Chris Claydon, Paul Cargill, (Perthshire Advertiser), Alistair Smith & Nathaniel Goddard, (Heartland FM), Iona Lancaster, (Highland Perthshire Welcomes Ukraine).

Members of the public – 1

Minutes of the last meeting – Approved

Declaration of interest

Stewart – possible conflict of interest, neighbour to applicant of planning application up for discussion

Treasurer’s report & micro grants update

Operational account balance £529.07

Only 1 transaction, Zoom subscription.

Grants account balance £7,171.96

5 transactions of which 4 related to grant awards. 

Top-up of microgrants pending, once received we will have available funds of £4,031

SSE Covid Recovery Fund balance now £5,240.

Iona Lancaster ~ Highland Perthshire Welcomes Ukraine group (HPWU)

Iona came to the CC meeting to make us aware of what she’s been up to. She’s not sure what she needs from us or what we can offer so has just come along to give a wee update of what’s happened so far.

Iona and her husband Kevin are opening up their home for refugees but are aware of the difficulties in identifying refuges.

They have registered with various charities, but the charities tend to be placing people in big cities. 

Iona had heard on the news about Aberfeldy and would like to do something similar here.

Iona concerned about taking vulnerable people with no supports in place and is wondering how good an idea it is from a community point of view – people understand that there is a crisis initially and the government recommends opening up of homes for up to a year, however, Iona wants to ensure that there would be no aggravation caused in the community.

Iona has been in touch with Aberfeldy and they have been super helpful. They have excellent community involvement and so far, 25 families have been taken in across Aberfeldy and Blair Atholl. 

Iona has advertised in the Bridge for those that would like to help. Eight families in Dunkeld area are registered with the government and with HPWU. People are yet to receive the Bridge so potentially there may be more people happy to help.

Iona would like our community to link with Pitlochry and she’s happy to do some co-ordination but can’t commit full time.

She has contacted the local councillors and has been in touch the minister who will also discuss with other churches, but she is still to make contact with the school.

Everyone on the CC happy to support in whatever way they can.

Alan asked if Iona’s contact details would be in the Bridge, she confirmed that they would.

Chris had previously been in touch with the NTS to see if tenants could open their homes and, although they said that wasn’t a possibility at the moment, she will contact them again to see what help they may be able to offer.

Iona will organize a meeting and will keep us up to date.

Lachlan thanked Iona for coming.

Resilience Plan Update

Lachlan pleased to hear that the 2016 still had Alan’s name attached!

Alan updated us via email.

Lachlan happy to be down as Dalguise representative, Alan waiting to hear from Graham Rees.

Kindallachan & Dowally and Dunkeld & Birnam still need a representative.

Chris knows someone in Dowally and asked how involved the role was.

Alan says that there has been virtually no requirement for any help over the last 6 years.

PKC updated to say that they are now looking at the cost of living as part of the programme.

Stewart wondered if the resilience plans have ever been tested out by PKC? 

Alan not aware of any testing or being contacted over any issue, Stewart suggested that this could be undertaken.

Laura wondered what the resilience plan person would do if contacted, for example, like today when there were roadworks in Dunkeld and Birnam.

Calum thinks the resilience plan wouldn’t apply to the situation today as the action was planned and would not be considered a resilience plan issue. Calum was surprised that the resilience plan wasn’t triggered by covid.

Alan said that, when introduced, the resilience plan was put in place for major incidents where people may need shelter, food and support during power outages, but he isn’t suggesting that the plan shouldn’t look at covering other types of situations such as COVID. 

Alistair saw the resilience plan swing into action during Storm Arwen when SSE organized a catering van but it was failed by the communication which should have also swung into action. 

Action ~ Chris to make a post for FB to see if there are any takers for Kindallachan & Dowally and Dunkeld & Birnam.

Community Action Plan & Development Trust update 

Lachlan – no update, meeting tomorrow evening, so will hopefully have more information after that.

A Development Trust constitution has been floating around that people have been looking at. They’ll know more tomorrow evening and, if there’s anything important, an email will be sent out to all CC members.

Laura asked what time the meeting is to be held and whether it was open to everyone. 

Calum said that the meetings have always been open for anyone.

A member of the public said that this particular meeting hadn’t been publicised as it is an opportunity for the steering group to get to know one another.

Chris updated that she has decided, due to other commitments, not to become member of the steering group.

Roads, traffic & Parking update

Parking on verge at Tay Terrace has been resolved and PKC have made an announcement.

Laura had folks asking her if PKC were implementing 30 minute parking enforcement in Dunkeld, Calum said that there had been no 30 minute parking enforcement put in place – he wasn’t aware of PKC going forward with this.

Traffic wardens have been spotted in the village, Chris queried phone number for hotline for traffic warden, Laura to follow up.

Alan feels perhaps a public meeting is required or a questionnaire developed, so that we, as a CC can go to PKC with a direct series of plans. Otherwise, we will continue to go round in circles, whatever is decided will probably upset half of the community, but resolution is required.

The member of the public reminded the CC that Daryl from PKC was waiting for consensus. The topics of parking for businesses, protected free spaces and free parking for locals and businesses all were touched upon. The member of the public wondered whether the CC could negotiate with PKC? 

Laura said that we can certainly take that to PKC but pointed out that some of the businesses already have car parking, and some have reduced their own car parking to extend their outdoor spaces.

Calum brought up the work strand of solutions from the Community Action Plan and Roads and traffic and parking strand – he queried who was now responsible and whether Laura and Alan will be able to access that information and then take those topics issues and strategies forward?

All agreed that it was important this work be carried forward.

Calum asked about the PKC list of plans for the area, it was agreed to contact PKC to have access to the list and see what PKC are considering. 

Chris was sure Grant was going to forward this list to us.

Once we have the PKC list, the CAP information, and the information from the walk around meeting, we can look at getting consensus.

Action: Chris to forward any useful roads correspondence onto Laura and Alan and to see whether Grant is able to access the list for us.

Planning – Lagbeag planning application 

Chris felt we should object given the listed building status of Lagbeag and the proximity of the proposed new development.

Safety concerns around the vehicular access, and the close proximity of it to the pedestrian crossing, was the main concern for Calum.

Alan agreed with the concerns that local residents have and felt they would need to be addressed in an amicable way to allow the development to go ahead.

The applicant attended the meeting and was happy to answer any questions. He reassured the CC that there were no plans for the properties to be holiday lets, one would be a home for his mother, the other likely to be put on the market to be sold.

Chris is concerned that the new builds will do nothing to address the affordable housing issue.

Alan asked the applicant if he was aware of the concerns expressed by local residents. The applicant said he was aware of the importance of the trees and doesn’t want them to be damaged and is looking at means of protecting the trees and looking at planting new trees. 

The member of the public present was concerned about the trees, the impact of creating parking spaces and parking four cars there, and the damage that that may cause to the trees, they also wondered who would take responsibility for the trees.

The applicant said that they would take responsibility for the trees, and they didn’t think the weight of traffic would cause any damage to the trees.

Stewart raised concerns around traffic stopping and parking outside the property along the roadside – it was felt that this could become an issue, especially with the traffic and the access in an already difficult situation.

The applicant felt they had allowed enough room for any visiting vehicles to park and turn.

Stewart also raised the issue of access along the side of the property and the impact on the visual amenity on the approach to Dunkeld

Chris mentioned that the current owners of Lagbeag had, in the past, attempted to reunite the house and Garden but that the current owner was unwilling to sell. The applicant said that they were not party to any such discussion and requested that this be noted. Chris then asked the applicant if that was a conversation they would be willing to have to which the applicant replied “No.”

Police Update – Commander’s Bulletin sent out


First responder – All CC members in agreement with the proposal from a member of the public and are happy to support

Alan wondered if outlying areas could also do with first responders, there was a brief discussion about signage for debfibs.

Chris mentioned that there had been a resident get in touch in the past to see if there was any means of putting defib signage in place, this was before her time as secretary and she was unsure what the outcome of the conversation was.

Laura said that there were maps for defibs in all of the local shops – other than that no knowledge of any signage.

Defibs are on Open Maps with 4 shown in D&B – Birnam Institute, North car park, Willowbank and Inver.   https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=birnam%20defibrillator#map=19/56.55832/-3.57742

Several comments about the condition of Dunkeld and public spaces.

Chris raised a lack of maintenance by PKC which had been raised by a local resident.

 CC members will discuss by email and compose letter to NTS and contact PKC. 

Stewart mentioned that private ownership can also be an issue due to lack of maintenance and that it’s not just the NTS and PKC.

Paul Gardner of PKC says we should report any issues to PKC.

CC wondering if there had been any update on signage at entrance to both villages.


Eilidh from Page Park to attend our next meeting – once we see a draft plan of community engagement we can see what role we may be able to play in supporting them.

Lachlan – some of community very concerned about asbestos roof which has disappeared from the old garage, and someone has found asbestos sheets in a woodland in Fife – David Littlejohn is checking to see if an asbestos contractor came out and whether it has been dealt with properly.

Calum said there was secure storage for asbestos on site and that no one has noticed anything to suggest asbestos removal has taken place.

Lachlan – local food waste project group looking to set up, they are wondering whether they can be covered by our insurance.

Public Liability Insurance will be required to satisfy the Co-op.

Action: Stewart will check out what insurance / public liability required and will feedback.

Laura happy to offer her help to the project as a holder of Intermediate food hygiene skills.

The project leaders will keep us up to date with developments.

CC voted to object to the Lagbeag planning application. 

Action: Chris to compose an objection letter which will be approved by councillors prior to submitting to PKC

 Date of next meeting – 13th June 2022

End of Community Council Meeting

Griffin Micro Grants ~ None

Next Griffin Panel meeting ~ 9th of June

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