Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council Minutes – January 2022

Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council 

DRAFT Minutes for Thursday 13th.January 2022 at 7 pm. 

Via Zoom 

Meeting was informed that it was being recorded for CC purposes only. 

Present S. Dolan-Betney(SDB), E. Melrose(EM), J. Polakowska(JP), S. Dorey(SD), J. Riddell(JR),  W. Graham(WG), Cllr. J. Duff, plus 18 members of the public. 

Apologies: None 

Minutes of last meeting held 11th.November 2021:Proposed EM, seconded SD. Approved. 

Finance: A grant for £428.55 had been received from PKC. Current overall balance is £570.30 Purchase of replacement defibrillator pads had incurred VAT 20%. SDB suggested CC complain.  CC agreed. Action: CC to raise with appropriate body.  

Police report :1. CC had useful exchange of e.mails with Sgt. James Longden. CC informed that:  For security reasons Police cannot attend Zoom meetings; PCs Jamie Elder and Steve Band  complete the local Police team based in Pitlochry; the team covers a very wide area and do the  best they can with the resources available; no major issues are expected in our area at this time of  year; PKC Ranger Service has helped reduce Police work load; CC can report and local issues  directly to the team. 

2.Reminder – Commander’s Bulletin issued weekly contains details on issues throughout  Perthshire and is available via Neighbourhood Alert The current issue focuses on Wildlife Crime – there is a dedicated Wildlife Crime Officer. Anyone  who thinks they have witnessed a Wildlife Crime is asked not to approach the suspects but to  report it on 101 providing as much detail as possible. e.g date, time, location, vehicle registration  numbers. 

3.J.P raised the possibility of having a mobile radar unit in Fortingall due to large number of  speeding cars through village.  

J. Penfold asked that Fearnan also be included as they also had problems.  Action: CC to raise with local police. 


Closure A827 Wester Logierait February 7th, 3 weeks approx.. 9.15am – 3p.m  Alternative route A826 

Cllr. Duff informed meeting of a related closure February 14th. 2 weeks,9.15am – 3p.m, A827/B898  Pitnacree Bridge. These roadworks would only commence following completion of the Wester  Logierait resurfacing. Traffic lights may be in use some of the time

Garth: Following site visit list of Project Officer’s recommendations requested – D. McKeown  away Jan 17th. To be carried forwards. 

Glenlyon: Pop-up Policemen for Primary School still to be organised/ Flashing lights – no  progress. SDB suggested CC follow up Cllrs. action by going direct to D.McK. Cllr.Duff agreed. Action: SDB 

Fearnan : The tourist sign pointing to Fortingall at junction of C449 and A827 was damaged by  storm Arwen. CC reported to Willie Mahoney. Sign removed by Tayside contracts. No date for  replacement. 

Highland Action Partnership: Road Safety Group – Nothing to report.

Lyon Bridge: C.Brook had reported serious damage to bridge as a result of a vehicle collision on  ungritted, icy road. CB reported to PKC Bridge Engineer. Cllr.Duff to keep CC informed if he gets  more information. 


1.Fortingall Lights: Trial period for the three new lights has ended. Postal surveys to elicit views of  residents have been sent. Electronic copies to be sent to non-resident participants week  commencing January17th. 

ALL returns required by 31st January

Analysis and evaluation meeting to be arranged by CC with Cllrs. SDB asked if Cllr. Duff could  attend a meeting in February. He agreed. Date to be fixed by e.mail. Venue – Molteno Hall. Report  will be prepared and sent to Lighting Engineer. 

2.Fearnan: EM reported Light Survey complete.111 letters issued 47 returns. The majority were  unaffected and of those affected few favoured change. The Evaluation Meeting concluded that the  survey did not establish any significant reason to re-install the light. Report sent to Lighting Engineer.  For full report please see Addendum. 

3.Warm-white LEDs: The proposal to switch from sodium to LED lighting had been put on hold  awaiting action by SSE. 

Planning: SD read current Planning List. SDB informed meeting that PKC Planning Dept. had  begun the review of the Local Development Plan. New Plan due c.2024. Preparation includes Local  Housing Strategy Consultation- CC circulated by e.mail. Link: As many  opinions as possible are welcome. Closes January 31st

PKC’s website is a useful source of information and provides details of the appropriate points of  contact for most issues.  

Boreland Farm

Noise nuisance- No further complaints. 

Premises Licence Application – approved. 

Highland Action Partnership: EM reported that the last meeting was on 16th November. A draft  action plan for the coming year had been produced but this was dependent on funding from PKC  and hence central government. This should be known by end of February. Our current  representative’s term has now ended. SDB proposed CC remain a member of HAP. CC agreed.  SDB proposed that EM be re-elected as representative if she agreed. EM consented. CC agreed  unanimously. The CC to write to HAP to confirm this. 

Tourism: Cllr. Williamson had arranged a meeting with the Minister for Tourism to discuss visitor  issues in Highland Perthshire. SDB invited to attend. Meeting had to be postponed due to  Minister’s illness. To be carried forward. 

Bus Shelter: No further information. Cllr. Duff requested information about exact location and will  pursue with Traffic Unit. Action:SDB 


Community Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund – ends March 31st.2022 

Strategic Tourism Infrastructure Development Plan – end Dec 31CC sent response. PKC Community Transport Fund – closes Feb 11th. – sent to Upper Tay Transport. Community Investment Fund – – projects tackling inequality in Perthshire – closes Feb 18th.

Arnold Clerk Community Fund – food banks/toy banks/housing charities to relieve poverty in local  communities – no end date. 

PKC Community Learning – Funding Workshop on how to apply for grants – Jan 19th. Due to  imminent closing date anyone interested was asked to e.mail CC for link. 

PKC Digital Inclusion Fund – Meeting informed by Cllr. Duff. Fund available for community groups,  including village halls for IT training and equipment. PKC’s website is a useful source of information for current funding. 


1.Lawers representative: At the last CC election the sub-area of Lawers lost its representative and  Fearnan gained one although in practise WG is the Lawers representative. CC asked for this to be  reversed. The matter was delayed for want of a map showing the sub-area boundaries. A map has  now been found – screen shared. CC agreed to now follow up original request. 

2.Etape: the next event will be May 15th.  

3.Storm Arwen: WG raised the matter of resilience. Useful discussion followed as to how local  residents could better cope with similar events in future.  

Points raised included: 

A.Places of refuge e.g a village hall have limited value – a)SSEN no longer provide generators; b)  generally people are safer in their own homes; c) Covid restrictions added to limitations. Community/hall committee would need to provide a generator. S. Brain and J. Rees offered useful  information on Power Packs. 

B. It was agreed that self-preparedness was key as was the willingness of residents to help  neighbours, clear roads etc. 

C. The value of Feldy Roo was noted in providing folk with a contact with the outside world as well  as hot meals and water direct to homes. SDB asked S. Brain to pass on thanks to organisers. D. Communication was noted as a key problem with new phones requiring electricity and many  areas without mobile coverage especially as the mast was down. J. Rees drew the attention of  the meeting to the phone box in Fortingall. An elderly resident had tried to use it to reach  Scottish Water & SSEN but it would only take 999 & 0800 calls. It appears to take cash but  doesn’t, no card reader for credit cards. She agreed to check this and inform the CC of the  number. 

Action: CC to follow up on Fortingall phone and agreed to review and update the resilience advice  leaflet issued in 2016 for distribution in the early Autumn. 

Recycling: J. Penfold asked if anyone could assist in her recycling of items that PKC don’t  separate. e.g blister packs/dental floss containers. The idea would be to form a “daisy chain”. This  involves local collection points feeding into a central point, namely herself, whence it would be  forwarded to the appropriate charity. If you are interested in becoming a local collector or want  more information please contact CC to be put in touch with J. Penfold. 

Yoga sessions: Information requested regarding the yoga sessions to be run in the village hall in  Fearnan. These run on Friday mornings from 10.15a.m – 12.00 noon. For further information to  contact organiser please contact CC. 

Pitlochry Hospital: Cllr. Duff informed meeting that the In-Patient Ward has had to close  temporarily due to staff shortages. 

Date of next meeting: March 10th. 2022 at 7pm via Zoom  

*Advice: Facebook Aberfeldy Road Conditions page may be good source of up-dates.


Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council 

Fearnan Light Survey 


To hear, on behalf of the Perth & Kinross Council Lighting Partnership, from those  directly affected by the removal of a street light at the northern end of Fearnan in May  2018 following a request in July 2021 for its re-installation. 


A survey form for each resident with an accompanying letter of explanation per  household and a postage-paid envelope for returns were distributed to all Fearnan  residents. 

A closing date was set. 

Returns were by post to the Community Council’s address. 

A meeting was arranged between the Community Council and two Elected Members  for the opening, analysis and evaluation of returns. 

The meeting agreed to accept replies that arrived after the closing date but in time for  the meeting. 


Total no. surveys sent = 111 

No. of returns = 47 

No. of returns as % of total = 42 

No. of surveys disqualified = 1 

No. of surveys with two responses on same survey form = 1 

Total no. of responses evaluated = 47  

1)Would it directly affect you personally? YES NO 

No. YES = 16 

No. YES as % of Total = 14% 

No. YES as % of Responses = 34% 

No. NO = 31 

No. NO as % of Total = 28% 

No. NO as % of Responses = 66% 

2) Would it directly affect children living with you?  

YES = 0 

3)If YES, in what way would re-instatement make a difference to you or children living  with you?

Summary of reasons: 

2 gave no reason. 

Of the remainder all gave multiple reasons some of which applied to street lights  generally e.g safer for motorists, indicating a built-up/residential area, making the  village safer. 

Specific reasons:  

2 dog-walkers said it would be safer. 

2 (from the same household) said it would light the back of the house and make them  feel safer. 

2 use the built-up/lit area for walking/exercise especially in Winter.  1 complained about lack of services including street lights on an unadopted road. 1 person criticised the residents who asked for help with obtrusive light. 2 criticised the survey. 

3 people would be directly adversely affected by re-installation causing obtrusive light  citing its permanent effect on themselves would affect well-being/ mental health due  to its detrimental effect on their extensive wildlife/ bio-diversity projects; loss of  enjoyment of dark skies and associated mental wellbeing/observation of nocturnal  wildlife and provided a ‘snap-shot’ survey: 

‘Snap-shot’ Fearnan ‘Traffic’ Survey Results 

This survey was taken once on each day of the week, during good weather, between September 1st – 16th 2021, from the time that the street lights were fully on (approx. 7.15pm-7.30pm) until 10.30pm. 

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
No. of vehicles 2
No. of cyclists 0
No. of pedestrians 0

If NO, please give your reasons. 

Summary of reasons: 

5 people gave no reason . 

8 people gave a single reason – either lived too far way or light would have no effect  directly. 

The remainder gave multiple reasons for example: 

5 were opposed to excessive street light/light pollution/waste of money and electricity/  use of lights when not absolutely necessary; 

5 people took a torch or recommended taking one; 

3 expressed sympathy with the residents who would have to live permanently with  obtrusive light; 

3 approved of re-installation as a compromise. 


The Evaluation Meeting concluded that the survey does not establish any significant  reason to re-install the light.

Susan Dolan-Betney 6/12/21

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