Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council Minutes 11/11/2021

minutes of the meeting held 11.11.21 via Zoom  

This meeting followed on from the AGM held immediately before.  

Present: S. Dolan-Betney, S. Dorey, J. Riddell, W. Graham, J. Polakowska, E. Melrose, Cllrs. J.Duff, M.  Williamson and 16 members of the public.  

Minutes: proposed by SD, seconded by WG.  

Finance: Current balance is £172.17.  

Warm Connections: Anna & Tom Sibbald introduced themselves. They offer free, independent advice  on keeping property warm. They are willing to attend meetings held by other groups to offer advice. or 

Boreland Loch Tay: Noise nuisance had lessened recently until November 5th. Then fireworks were let  off over fields of horses and sheep and a great deal of noise could be heard well after the normal curfew  of 11pm. The General Manager, Dirk Bunskoek, was present to answer questions. He informed the  meeting that guests had been asked but had not admitted that they planned to bring fireworks, but  fireworks were produced and let off. From accounts received by the CC, the duty manager seemed to  have had little control.  

Premises Licence Application – Cllr. JD declared an interest as he is on the Licensing Board. He  informed the meeting that it is now Board policy to encourage applicants for temporary licences to apply  for a permanent licence as it gave the Board more control. DB confirmed that this would be Off-Licence  sales to any member of the public from the reception area of Boreland Loch Tay. He explained that the  application was part of the expansion of the business and it was thought that it would give the  management greater control over alcohol consumption. 

Sheep-chasing – it was recently reported to the CC that a dog accompanied by guests from the farm  was seen chasing sheep when they walked through the field. DB confirmed that this had been reported  to him at the time. He agreed that there was no dog control advice on the website and no fireworks  policy. SDB suggested that policies for dog control and firework management be put in place. 

Roads: Garth-there was a site meeting with Daryl McKeown – Projects Officer, Traffic & Network – attended by members of CC and local residents. All concerns were discussed. D McK. put forward  several possibilities including a place name for Garth, sensory strips to gather data, road-edge repair,  making Fearnan to Coshieville a Walking Cycling Route. Passing places, pavement/path were not  possible. A member of the public suggested using an existing path through Garth for pedestrians. The  landowners, present at meeting, refused. Summary to follow from D McK. 

Glenlyon – Letter to residents finally sent. Speeding problems at the Primary School – Cllr.MW to  investigate signage. Pop-up Policemen to be organised meantime (SDB). 

Road Closures 

Glen Lyon-Road closures starting Monday 15th until Friday 19th, between 9am and 3 pm.  Lawers Road, then closed from 22nd Nov for 20 weeks between 8am and 4 pm  

Glen Quaich – Winter closure from 21st.November for 20 weeks 

Crieff Road in Aberfeldy will be closed 3rd to 6th December, causing a long diversion.  

Highland Action Partnership Road Safety Group:  

On 16th November the ‘Driving Driver Safety’ day will be held Aberfeldy Fire Station as a drop-in between 14.30 and 16.30.

Member of the public asked about the HAP. EM informed the meeting that there had been no minutes  due to no meetings. Next meeting 16th. November. Report at next meeting. 

Lighting: Fortingall – Trial period for the 3 new lights set to end 13th. January 2022, followed by a canvas for opinions of Fortingall residents to be evaluated in a similar way to the Fearnan canvas and  sent to Scott Denyer. Notification of trial period will be sent by email and posted on bus shelter notice  board.  

A small group from Fortingall delivered what sounded like prepared speeches which digressed from this item causing disruption. SDB strongly emphasised yet again that the survey would not be a vote.  Muting had to be resorted to in an attempt to restore order. SDB stated that the item was out of time and  no further comments would be taken. 

Fearnan- Light in Passing Place at northern end of village not working again – Cllr.MW to follow up.  Warm, white LED v. sodium lights – general agreement for change to LEDs. 

SDB reported that there are no plans for the Lighting Partnership to change Fearnan lights to LEDs or  switch off lights en masse. Policy is to make street lights more efficient. 

CC had accepted the offer by Stuart Brain and Wynand Olivier to help improve communications. 1 new  email address received. Highlighted that addresses sent by third party cannot be accepted due to Data  Protection. Individuals have to opt-in

Fearnan Light – survey letter was sent to Fearnan residents to ascertain who was directly affected.  Closing date for replies was today, 11.11.21. 26 had been received by post + 3 by email. Analysis and  evaluation will take place on 19th November in Fearnan Hall, at a meeting of CC with Cllrs. Duff &  Williamson. Report will be produced, sent to Scott Denyer and presented at the January meeting. Fearnan Long-term Residents Petition was deemed unacceptable due to its format, making untrue  statements about a publicly elected body, some of it was inapplicable and not giving a clear reason for  asking for re-instatement of the lights. 

Planning: an update since the September meeting was read out. 

Planning for Nature – new guidance for the Development Plan for the protection of wildlife where there is  new-build. 

Loch Tay: no actual progress to be reported. Discussion about an extension of the Rannoch & Glenlyon  National Scenic Area. Letter to go to J. Swinney MSP. MW will discuss with J. Swinney. Local Outdoor Access Forum for Highland Perthshire was proposed by MW possibly as a sub-group to  the PKC LOC. It would include access takers, land managers, agencies and local groups and be a  means of implementing the Right-To-Roam Legislation. CC agreed in principle. 

Bag It & Bin It: The dog bag bin on the main road in Fearnan has been moved. As a result, the Dog  Warden was contacted reminded about requested leaflets and asked for a second bin for the top of the  village. Reply stated: 1. bins and signage are only put in areas where there is a high level of fouling and  no complaints have been received from Fearnan; 2. dog bins are no longer used as bags can be put in  general waste bins. This is of no help in our high tourist area as visitors may not have access to general  waste bins or know that they can be used for that purpose.  

Correspondence : Glen Lyon school is holding an auction on 27.11.21 to raise funds for special parties  for Glen children.  

There will be no Carol service at Glen Lyon Church this year, but there will be a Carol Service at  Fortingall Church at 5 pm on 24th. December.  

AOCB: SDB passed on a request from a Fearnan resident asked if there was a possibility of a bus  shelter outside Shoreside to protect the school children from the elements. MW will check.  

Next meeting: 13th. January 2022 at 7 pm, via Zoom. 

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