Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council Minutes – March 2022

Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council 

Nurse’s Cottage: Bridge of Balgie: Aberfeldy: PH15 2PP  


DRAFT Minutes for Thursday 10th.March 2022 at 7 pm. 

Via Zoom 

Meeting was reminded that it was being recorded for CC purposes only. 

Present:S.Dolan-Betney(Chair),S.Dorey(Secretary),J.Riddell(Treasurer), W. Graham, E. Melrose,  J. Polakowska, Cllr. J. Duff and 14 members of the public 

Apologies: Cllr. Williamson  

Minutes of last meeting on 13th January 2022: Proposed – S. Dorey, seconded J. Polakowska,  minutes adopted. 

Finance: Current bank balance £560.30. Treasurer reported TSB account has been closed.  Balance transferred to RBS. RBS does not allow for counter-signing payments – account to be  opened in Bank of Scotland plus savings account for amenity & R.C Memorial funds. 

Councillor Elections: PKC elections on May 5th. Cllr. Duff intimated that he is standing for re election and informed meeting that Cllr. McDade would not re-stand, Cllr. M. Williamson and S.  Murray had been selected as candidates. Until the election it will be ‘business as usual’. 

Police Report- Little to report; awaiting reply from PS Longden. Commander’s Bulletin highlights: potential problems with dogs re. lambs – keep dogs on a lead; with increasing rising in fuel prices  oil storage tanks should be properly secured. 

CC sub-areas – Agreement had been reached whereby the CC reverted to 4 sub areas namely  Glen Lyon, Fortingall, Fearnan and the Lochside. 

Roads: 1.Closures – list

March14th Wades Bridge  Closure9.00-15.30 Monday FridayEnds 30th
March 21stFearnan C449- Creagach BT RepairsTotal 5 days A827
March 21stWeem drainage Traffic lights Ends 30th.
March 31st Weem surfacing 9.00-15.30Monday FridayApril 5th
April 6thWades Bridge  surfacing9.00-15.30 Monday FridayApril13th. A827-A9-B8019- B846
April 6thPitnacree Bridge A827 10mph limit 2 weeks
April 25th Bolfracks A827 9.00-15.30 1 weeks A827-C449-C448
May 2ndU161 Lochan-na Lairage A827-C448Total 4 weeks A827-C449-C448

2.Glenlyon: a).Speeding past School – SD. reported Pop-Up Policemen have been provided,  awaiting deployment ; poor response regarding signage. 

b).VAS –D. McKeown contacted re. options for message on VAS – sent full reply; SD-B proposed  to forward whole message to Glen via contact list – agreed. 

c). Potholes – M. Bonn had contacted (inc. photos) Cllrs.+ CC re. potholes on C448. 

W. Mahoney’s response – pots to be filled when repairs done to U161. SD. reported pots have  been filled. 

3.Kiltyre Road Conditions Camera: New traffic camera installed on A827 east of Kiltyre enabling  road conditions to be checked via Traffic Scotland website and PKC home – Roads, Transport and  Parking – Live Road Traffic Cameras 

4.Sustrans funds for Green Routes – P. Heyes notified CC that Sustrans had money available for  Green Routes and asked for CC to support a PKC application – this was done. Cllr. Duff was  asked to follow up. 

5.Fearnan – a).Cows on road(C449) – reported by J. Penfold to PKC & CC who informed meeting that Animal Welfare have a new officer who has visited the farm; Police have also visited and Cllr.  Duff will follow-up. 

b) CC has received a request for a Pop-Up Policeman on A827 – ordered from D. McArthur via  Road Safety Group.  

6. HAP Road Safety Group – SD-B attended meeting. Group joined by David McArthur Safer  Communities Team Facilitator especially for road safety. Lengthy discussion re. future of group.  No funding from PKC. Conflict of criteria with PKC officers. Officers still working on accident-based  criteria. RSG criteria is ‘Prevention is better than cure’. D. McA. to liaise with officers. EM. reported  that Traffic & Network are interested in reports of any accidents, even minor ones. There can be  reported on: of phone for Customer Services: 01738 475000 to pass  information to the Traffic team. Any information regarding damage only collisions should be written  and contain photos if possible. 

Fortingall: 1.Lights – a). EM summarised the Surveys Report – sent to S. Denyer. His reply is  quoted in full below. Report will be posted with minutes. 

Dear Sue, Many thanks for your efforts in pulling this together.  

From the survey information there is a clear majority in favour of the  

trial lights. There is also a majority in favour of reducing glare,  

obtrusive light, light pollution and having control nodes. All of which  

are achieved by installing the trial lights. Based upon the results I  

now intend to replace the existing white light LED lanterns with the new  

trial lights throughout the village. For information there is a  

worldwide shortage in LED lantern components at the moment and it may  

take 12 to 16 weeks for the new lanterns to arrive.  

(I would be grateful if you can share my response with all of those who  

participated in the survey. ) 

Should anyone have any further queries on the above please ask them to  

contact me directly.-e.mail – 

b)Walk – Concerns about pedestrian safety raised in the Postal Survey responses prompted a  walk through Fortingall by JP & SD-B with the Chair of the Molteno Hall Committee and her  husband. JP reported that although illumination from the trial lights was less it was sufficient to see  by. It was noted that some of the existing lights were off-set on both sides of the road.Whether  there was any benefit from this was raised with S. Denyer in the e.mail accompanying the report 

2. Lights for Back Lane: Problem with lack of light adjacent to phone box since hotel closed. CC  have contacted PKC re. installation of light but may not be required if hotel reopens. 3.Phone Box: Made various attempts to contact BT eventually succeeded via Cllr.Williamson to P. Wishart MP. BT have now agreed to send engineer. 

Other telephones in area need checked. SD reported Bridge of Balgie box is working. JR reported  Invervar box not working – CC to report to BT. 

4. Notice Board: Following an enquiry by J. Rees regarding the use of the notice board.The Bus  Shelter board is primarily for CC use and is inadequate for public notices. SD-B asked if the  Friends of Fortingall could organise a new board for the village. JR thought not but M. Buchanan suggested that the Breadalbane Development Trust might be able to provide funds for a larger  notice board – he agreed to ask. 

Highland Action Partnership: The last meeting of the Partnership was on 17th January when the  meeting was joined by two people from the Communities Department of PKC to discuss inequality

issues across Perth and Kinross following the impact of Covid 19. In view of their comments, the  representatives on the HAP were invited to suggest updates to the previous Action Plan and  present them at the next meeting on 15th March. EM report P. Ely (Chair) has drawn up a list of  priorities and asked for individual CCs to draw up lists for their area. CC has supplied EM with list  for next meeting. We were reminded that, with the local council election in May, priorities may  change if there are significant changes in power at PKC. HAP was also awaiting the outcome of  the PKC funding allocation to see what monies would be available to them to implement any  projects from the Action Plan. 

Planning: 1. SD reported current list of application. 

2.T.Young (Garth) disquieted over the approval of application 20/01433/FLL- Dwelling House,  Garth has been engaged in a lengthy discussion with PKC now with the Ombudsman.CC were  asked for support and a comment was sent to J. Swinney MSP. 

Tourism: 1.Cllr.Williamson met Minister Ivan McKee Minister for Business, Tourism, Trade &  Enterprise to discuss visitor problems in Highland Perthshire. SD-B listed main issues summarised  as Destination Management not Destination Promotion. Minute of meeting sent to CC: The  purpose of the meeting was to discuss the impacts on local communities and businesses as a  result of tourism, particularly increasing prevalence of campervans in the Perth and Kinross area.  Response: Action – Cll.MW to follow up on specifics out lined; Jonathan Ferrier Scot Gov Tourism  & Hospitality Division to share with Visitor Management Strategy; 

Minister to visit Highland Perthshire to see for himself – March 18th.Queens View  Ranger service value recognised but NO Funding for this year!  

Comment from Cllr. Duff – PKC will provide funding for this year and are increasing ranger  numbers. 

2.On-Line Tourism meeting – toilets for Kenmore; clearways to be retained Bus Shelter (Fearnan): Cllr. Duff to liaise with P Menzies. 

Correspondence: SD reported: 

Distance Aware scheme – badges from Library – circulated 

Duneaves bridge footpath – CC was contacted re. safety of path. Ranger Jeannie Grant consulted  – no reply. JP reported fence beside path, although not pristine, appears safe and is much less  dangerous than The Birks and other paths in the area which are completely unfenced.  Pitlochry toilets – A contactless card reader access scheme is being trialled. PKC Upskilling Training Programme for Volunteers – circulated. 

Aberfeldy Sports Club – letter of support for funding 

Invitation for expressions of Interest – /active travel plans: Wendy Graham was asked to appraise  the scheme and concluded that the area does not lend itself to walking and cycling as primary ways of travel. The reality is that in a rural area motorised travel is essential. Scottish Census – circulated-March 20th

Etape: will take place on Sunday 15th May. The event will return to its original roue. Timings of  roads affected are expected shortly. 

AOCB: 1.CC had been approached to ask residents if they were interested in helping pick up  litter. This was a particular problem in Glen Lyon and a local resident has volunteered as  coordinator. 

2. P. Menzies broke the news to the meeting that Taymouth Castle and Kenmore Hotel have  been bought by an American company and expressed concern that this would have serious  impact on the whole area. Cllr. Duff explained that he has already had contact and visited the  castle. 

Next meeting 12th May 2022 at 7pm

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