Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council Minutes – May 2022

Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council 

Nurse’s Cottage: Bridge of Balgie: Aberfeldy: PH15 2PP  


DRAFT Minutes for Thursday 12th.May 2022 at 7 pm. 

Via Zoom 

SDB welcomed everyone; introduced the CC; reminded the meeting to stay muted unless wishing to speak  and that it was being recorded for CC purposes only,(recording turned off later due to technical problems). 

Present: S. Dolan-Betney, Chair, J. Riddell, Treasurer, S. Dorey, Secretary, J. Polakowska, E. Melrose, Cllrs  J. Duff & X. McDade, 8 members of the public. 

Apologies: W.Graham 

Minutes of the last meeting held on 10th March 2022 were agreed. Proposed by JP, seconded by SD 

Finance: The change of account to the Bank of Scotland has finally been successfully completed. Balance  is £344.83. Recent bills were for the defibrillator & Zoom 

Police report: Nothing for this area. 

Roads: The CC did a survey of glen residents with options to cut down the speeding past the primary school.  Speed bumps were the preferred option as they force drivers to slow down, unlike flashing signs, and were more appropriate for the remote location. Information to be passed to PKC. The 2 pop-up police officers,  named by the children as Policeman Pete and Policewoman Daisy, are now on duty. 2 families thanked the  CC for the pop-ups. 

The urban clearway at Invervar – CC received notice that it had been approved for another 18 months. A. Riddell had informed CC of a recent incident of the Invervar Bridge being blocked by inappropriate parking – requested more signage, and wardens at weekends. 

I. Wotherspoon has contacted CC expressing urgency for speed-bumps at western end of Fortingall. 

C. Brook has enquired about when Lyon Bridge repair would be done as the safety measures are becoming  a traffic hazard.CC to pass to Roads. 

Winter gritting – The CC were asked by PKC to comment on the provision of winter gritting. JP reported  that the stretch of road from Coshieville and Fearnan had been insufficiently treated and became like an  ice rink in icy conditions. JR and members of the public concurred. SDB to reply to PKC. 

Fearnan: Cows on the road – Police and Animal Welfare had been notified. All livestock have gone from  Culderbeg – no details available. 

Re-placement pop-up policemen – no progress SDB to chase up and source padlocks. 

Fortingall Notice board: JP reported M. Buchanan, (a director of BDT), had followed-up proposal he  suggested that Breadalbane Development Trust provide a new board. BDT will seek funding and may need  planning permission. Inside the bus shelter may be a suitable site. SDB proposed that CC give what support  they can for this project – unanimously agreed. The Workshop in Aberfeldy was suggested by JR as possible 

makers of the board. Thanks were expressed to MB and the BDT. 

Phone boxes: The public phone boxes at Invervar and Bridge of Balgie are not working, they are essential  during power cuts when home phones do not work. All attempts to report to BT have been unsuccessful so  far, continuing efforts will be made. The Fortingall phone box has supposedly been repaired, J.Rees  volunteered to check & report back.*See footnote 1. 

Highland Action Partnership: EM reported back on the meeting held on 15th. March: main objectives where  Safer Communities, Health & Wellbeing and Communication. P. Karas*(See footnote 2), has been asked to  join HAP.EM proposed he join as CC Associate Member. SDB asked him if he consented, and he agreed.  CC voted unanimously in favour of proposal. 

Planning: SD read CC Planning List and reporte:2 applications still pending. 22/00221/FLL 2 houses to be  built at Drumcharry. 8 objections, including the CC and 2 neutral comments.22/00444/FLL House, alterations 

and landscaping on land near Cragganester Steading, Lawers. 1 objection from National Trust for Scotland. The CC also objected to the plans for holiday accommodation in the old cottage hospital in Aberfeldy.  

Tourism: Cllr Williamson’s meeting with Minister for Tourism was cancelled – too close to PKC election. Fearnan bus shelter: No progress to report – SDB to enquire 

Etape: Limelight were wanting information on map distribution – SDB reported very good response to CC  e.mail and thanked all those who responded. Most residents had not received maps showing closures and  timings, a few got 2! The original road signs were vague with no timings, replaced later with timings on them.  P. Karas made some astute marks re. Limelight’s profits and the high cost of entry for local cyclists. He  questioned the benefits to this area. This, as he observed, “touched a raw nerve” and led to an interesting  discussion. Cllr. JD joined the meeting at this point. It was agreed that Limelight communication needed to  improve; there could be more benefits for local cyclists; the overall financial benefits to the area needed to  be re-assessed; Limelight should be required to compensate local businesses for loss of earnings. 


PKC Environmental Health Warning – A warning about blue / green algae in the lochs had been received,  dangerous to animals & humans. 

Healthiest Town Aberfeldy- launch meeting May 16th.6.30.m, Birks Cinema – Local initiative to improve  health in Aberfeldy; P.Karas will report at next meeting. 

Zoom Hustings – link was circulated. 

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration service in St. John’s Kirk,Perth,June 5th.10a.m – CC invited but  unable to attend. Heartland Radio would like to know any memories of meeting Her Majesty from locals so  please get in touch with Heartland – 

PKC Local Housing Strategy Development Conference, SD-B booked to attend was unable to join meeting. 

SHARE – Dundee University Medical School health research – Link have asked for participants in health  research they are carrying out. – 

AOCB: Boreland Loch Tay – Report by Fearnan resident that 2 male guests from Boreland, considerably the  worse for drink, were walking through the village. Resident reported to Safer Communities Team; Cllr. JD  has followed-up. 

Next meeting – 14th July 2022 at 7pm, via Zoom. 


*1.Re.the Fortingall phone box – J.Rees has since reported that the is possible to dial: in to its own number;  presumably dial 999; Freephone numbers; the Operator; the number which tells you what a call would cost. It is not possible to dial out. It won’t take coins and the number pay by credit card says, “ This Service is  Closed”. 

*2. Paul Karas and family recently came to live in Glenlyon. Within a few weeks he contacted the CC to  introduce himself and included a list of well-observed problems which the Glen faces. With a background of  experience with CCs, Local and Regional Councils he seemed a good candidate for the HAP as they were  looking for members and he could represent this CC at the same time. EM suggested this to the HAP.

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