Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council Minutes – September 2022

Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council 

Nurse’s Cottage: Bridge of Balgie: Aberfeldy: PH15 2PP web: DRAFT Minutes of meeting on September 8th. 2022, at 7p.m via Zoom. 

Present: S. Dolan-Betney (SDB Chair), S. Dorey (SD Secretary), June Riddell (JR Treasurer), E.  Melrose (EM), W. Graham (WG), P. Karas and 3 members of the public. 

Apologies: J. Polakowska, Baillie Williamson, Cllr. Duff, A. Smith ( Heartland FM) and 4 members  of the public. 

Before the meeting started it was agreed that a minute’s silence was impractical on Zoom so the  meeting opened with remembering Queen Elizabeth II. who had passed away earlier in the day. 

1.Minutes of last meeting on July 14th. 2022: Adoption proposed by EM, seconded by SD. 2.Finance – JR reported a current acc. balance of £ 161.46.  

3.Community Council Elections -due to take place on November 3rd.2022. Nomination papers to  be returned by September 22nd

4.Police Report: Commander’s Bulletin reported a rise in thefts locally and gave advice on secure  parking. 

5. Roads: (i) Closures – SD reported that the work at Bridge of Balgie had finished ahead of  schedule and the road was now open. 

(ii)Glenlyon School Speeding: PKC Roads Projects Officer has proposed a 30mp.h limit for Bridge  of Balgie with speed cushions and 20m.p.h warning sign during school hours. Proposal was  circulated to Glen residents. Few responded but they were in favour. SDB proposed that the CC  agree with the proposal as it is. EM proposed that CC ask for it to be a priority for the safety of  children.PK proposed CC ask for the Glen road to be designated a Walking /Cycling Route like  the south side of Loch Tay. Unanimous agreement to all proposals. SDB to inform Officer. 

Project Officer to carry out speed surveys on various sections of Glen road to be followed by  discussions with Cllrs. & CC. New signage for eastern road-end proposed to say No buses, No caravans etc. No signage available to specifically prohibit campervans. 

Upgrade to Glen Lyon Road from Innerwick to Fortingall scheduled to begin 12th September for  12 weeks. Road will remain open but there will inevitably be some delays. 

(iii)Fearnan: Speeding – Bottom half of Pop-up Policewoman at west end of village has been  stolen. 

Further complaints from residents re.speeding. 

Traffic & Network are about to consult with the Ward Councillors and Community Council about  the temporary speed limits. Recommendation, as discussed at the recent site meeting, will be to  retain the 20mph limit on the minor roads north of the A827 but to change the speed limit on the  A827 to 30mph. This is more appropriate for the road environment and vehicle speeds. Also, due  to be sending out VAS consultation drawings shortly. The contract for the VAS is currently out for  tender. 

(iv)Fortingall – Continuing problem with speeding through village. Again, residents are requesting  installation of speed bumps or, similar, to slow traffic. CC to raise with PKC. 

(v) Data Strips for Fearnan C449, Fortingall and Garth -no response to CC enquiry. 6.Fortingall (i) Notice Board – no progress reported. 

(ii)Lights now installed. 

Bus Shelter – complaint raised in meeting re. the bird droppings inside. SDB to contact previous  volunteers to keep it clean. 

7.Phone Boxes: JR checked boxes at Invervar and Fortingall – all working well now. 

8.Highland Action Partnership: EM reported August meeting was not quorate. To meet in  September to discuss future of group. 

(i)Road Safety Group: Nothing to report 

9.Planning: SD read current list of applications and decisions. 

SDB reported that it appears that Discovery Land Group have a water-ski speed boat at Taymouth  Marina. Is this a breach of Planning Conditions? Although at a tangent a useful discussion ensued  re. the undesirability of speed boats and particularly jet skis. 

Concern has been reported re. a new opening onto the A827 from the development next to The  Croft in Fearnan. 

Both issues to be checked with Planning Enforcement  

10.Fearnan Bus Shelter: Agenda error. This was concluded last meeting. 

11.Perthshire Nature Connection Partnership. SDB attended productive meeting in Kenmore on  August 11th. with David Tollick Conservation Officer and S. Shearer, Kenmore CC. Main topics:  species-rich grassland; walking/ cycling paths; National Park link. Further meeting to be arranged  to discuss Fearnan Cow Park and Boreland Farm. Link established with Andrew Barrie – 

footpaths with particular regard 

to the Loch Tayside Way.  

12.Japanese Knotweed: the 4volunteered have now completed the course on the use of  herbicides prior to starting to on knot weed eradication in Fearnan. 

13.Kenmore Shop & PO etc.: Nothing to report 

14.Taymouth Castle: SDB & PK attended regular meeting between Kenmore CC and DLG along  with a representative of Dull & Weem CC. Over-all plan presented; current Planning Applications,  work on beach and proposed new lighting and bollards reported. PK described the project as  “impressive and audacious” and reported that the golf course will be brought up to PGA standard;  the core-paths re-sited; the beach area improved; new lights and bollards for Kenmore. The site  is short of water, electricity, sewerage, and internet. The Reading Room has been gifted to the  community. The overall masterplan & economic impact assessment are not in the public domain.  Planning applications are being made piece-meal. Such a large employer absorbing so many local tradespeople is a concern for the future. Peter Allen is the new manager of Glenlyon Estate.

15.Correspondence: SDB read the list: 

Waste & recycling strike action 

PKC Draft Local Housing Strategy survey 

Short-term lets consultation 

Tayside Bus Alliance – yet another survey 

Scottish Census Coverage 2022 

Electoral Register Annual Canvas 

Local Police Plan 

National Power of Attorney Campaign 

AOCB: EM announced that there will be a meeting In Fearnan Hall on October 11th. with  representatives from PKC Recycling & Zero Waste with a view to setting up a ‘quiet’ recycling  centre at the Hall. 

Next meeting & AGM November 10th. 2022 at 7pm – Zoom

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