Glenlyon & Loch Tay Community Council

Present. S. Dolan-Betney, chair, J. Riddell, Treasurer, S. Dorey, secretary, W. Graham, J. Polakowska,  Cllr J Duff and 23 members of the public.  

Apologies. K. Douthwaite. 

Finance. JR reported a balance of £243.65 

Police report. The CC has been asked to report any known firework displays planned, the meeting knew of none. SDB will report back to S. Duff.  

Roads. Garth: D. McKeown, PKC,has now offered a site meeting to discuss road safety issues. Date to be finalised. 

Glen Lyon: a letter was published in The Quair, giving information re. traffic control measures and asking for comments on the clearway at Invervar and other traffic issues in the glen. A letter is due to be sent out by the Safer Community group, to glen residents asking for comments, as yet not been sent out.  

Highland Action Partnership: Road Safety Group in conjunction with Police Scotland, Scottish Fire &  Rescue and PKC event ‘Driving Driver Safety’ September 28th 10.30 – 12.30 Pitlochry Fire Station.  Topics will cover Winter Safety/Floods/ Being Blue Light Aware/ Eyesight – can you read a number plate  at 20.5 metre & a lot more. 

Fortingall Hotel: It was reported that the hotel has been sold privately. It will reopen for Hogmanay,  then close until February when the sale should be completed. The local group of Friends of Fortingall  Hotel will retain an interest in future use. 

Planning: Update readout.  

Loch Tay: SDB will attend a meeting with P. Ely, chair of Kenmore CC, to begin to sort out a code of conduct for the Loch, in consultation with other interested parties.  

Lighting: Fortingall. New lighting to be installed imminently, for a trial period, length of trial period to be  discussed at next meeting. Local residents will monitor the new lights and report back.  Fearnan: SDB had reported light in the passing place as not working, now fixed – CC to decide if  sodium lamps be retained or changed to LED / warm white light. Member of Public asked if decision  could be postponed until Fortingall lights were in for comparison – CC agreed. In response to CC enquiry  Scott Denyer notified CC that there are no plans to fit control nodes in Fearnan but lights will be dimmed  from midnight to 6 a.m, to 30% – may not be any noticeable difference. Effect of lights on wildlife etc. discussed. 

Re. removal of 2 street lights at the northern end of Fearnan in May 2018 after request of resident for  shading – not possible a request was made at last meeting for reinstatement and modification of said  lights. Scott Denyer, PKC, as a compromise offered to reinstate the lamp nearest the village following  agreement by Councillors and CC after CC had ascertained views of those directly affected. To do this  

CC decided with Clls. agreement to organise a live meeting in Fearnan Hall to be chaired by a Councillor  following village-wide invitation. On advice from Cll.Duff re. rising Covid rate CC not prepared to take the  risk. CC to seek other solution. 


Carie Farm Woodland Creation Proposal Scoping – Scottish Woodlands – details circulated locally and  to NTS, Killin. CC included responses in its reply. SDB expressed concern about inevitable change to  landscape as a result of increased afforestation. 

Auch & Invermearnan Estate – Native Woodland Creation Proposal – preliminary consultation for oak  and native hardwood to replicate lost ancient woodland – will leave walkers access. Drummond Hill Consultation by Robin Almond Forest &Land Scotland – link circulated. Presentations for Fortingall & Fearnan. Impetus for Plan by possible presence of larch disease and need to control. 

Kenmore & main road stress on landscape, Fearnan & Fortingall emphasis on industrial production of  timber. Concern expressed to CC by Fortingall – call for more indigenous species and less conifer  especially spruce. Felling on Fearnan side to commence next year until 2026 and then 2032-2036.  Extraction main CC concern – proposal to operate a one-way system – in via Fearnan, out via Comrie  Bridge. RA gave assurances that PKC would be consulted once a felling licence application was  received. CC to contact Andy Brown as a reminder.  

Existing track to Letterellan to be upgraded for extraction. Footpaths improvements – Kenmore to Crannog – section would need alternative funding, Crannog to Letterellan, Letterellan to Fearnan – section would need alternative funding, Fearnan to Fortingall a possibility for F&LS. Needs liaison  between Kenmore & GLLTCCs, Crannog Centre & RA. Roadside beech to be thinned. For more  information contact or website: 

Bag it and bin it. Held over to November meeting.  

Boreland noise: many complaints about the excessive noise, people cutting across fields onto private  property. PKC Councillors helpful, JD listened in to a wedding reception from Fearnan Hall car park.  Representatives of those affected had a meeting with the manager of Boreland Loch Tay. Complaints  sent to Safer Communities Team. Condition of Planning breached – now with Planning Enforcement.  Noise Nuisance legitimate cause for complaint Noise App. available recordings can be sent direct to  PKC 


Registration of holiday accommodation providers – information sent to those most likely to be affected. Murdo Fraser MSP had asked CC for minutes and any specific concerns. 

Long Term Residents Petition – sent to CC by e.mail – petition  copied to Cllrs. Williamson & Duff, S Denyer,e.mail included R. Ross –petition contained 43 signatures,  same names appeared at bottom of e.mail.  

Subject of petition:1) The removal of street lights on the C449 (see Lighting/Fearnan above); 2)the  introduction of a 20m.p.h speed limit in Fearnan. 

3)No consultation on either issue. 

4)Request for re-instatement of light (No reason given) 

E.mail- similar to petition also included: 1)suggestions for changes to signage; 

2)expressions of marginalisation and exclusion from decision making; 

3) request for CC to improve communication/consultation 

SDB address issues including refuted charge of no consultation – CC had consulted on both issues;  explained process of both issues. Cllr. Duff commented on 20m.p.h signs. He had sent a response to  e.mail address -not been circulated to signatories at time of meeting. Lengthy discussion ensued.  Re. consultation –SDB suggested more use of notice boards in Fearnan and Fortingall to aid those  without e.mail . 

Re. communication – CC already has extensive e.mail contact list but would welcome additions. Use of  Fearnan Rocket on facebook was suggested; Heartland FM posts link to meeting on Community Page;  Stuart Brain and Wynand Olivier offered help to improve communication. 


J. Penfold asked if the lighting could be switched off at night to improve the carbon footprint. JD said  it was not PKC policy to turn lights off at night. He also reported that a Climate Change Commissioner  had been appointed in PKC, who would be looking at possible changes.  

New owner at Lawers Village had been in touch with Breadalbane Heritage Society. More information,  hopefully, at the next CC meeting.  

Next meeting. 11th November 2021 at 7pm via Zoom. CC AGM, before the business meeting.  N.B Link for meeting will be sent to CC contact list or can be obtained by request to:

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