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Join Blair Atholl and Struan Community Council to Have Your Say in the Community

Photo Credit: Nigel Thompson

LISTEN: Donald Isles explains who the community council are and what they do

Tonight, the Blair Atholl and Struan Community Council are meeting to discuss local issues happening in the area.

The meeting is an opportunity for pillars of the community to meet together, everyone from the COVID support group, local emergency services, councillors and locals have their say.

Donald Isles, chair of the community council, said: “Well we’re basically here to provide a link between the main public services, the council, the police, fire service, NHS and so on as a point of contact for the community.

“And we’ve got four community councillors at the moment and we would like another two to take us up to our maximum of six.

“It’s quite difficult to get a wide spread of views, of what is a very large community council area, we go up to Trinafour in the west and up the glens to the north and east of Blair Atholl.

“So it’s not many people, but a thousand people overall, but a large area with lots of people with different needs and ideas.”

Challenges facing Blair Atholl, Struan, and all of the other stretches around Highland Perthshire’s northern communities, are issues such as travel and isolation during the lockdown.

Mr Isles added: “There’s always the problem of transport, that’s made worse at the moment with the restrictions on both public transport services and what people can do if they don’t have access to a car.

“Often people are helped by neighbours or friends, but with the current restrictions, people remain very reluctant to pick up people that are not from their own family, and take them to wherever they need to go.

“Whether it’s Pitlochry for shopping or Perth or Dundee for medical treatment, so it’s much more difficult for people to get about.”

Helping people across the community like this is what the community council is all about.

A lot of work like this is organised through the COVID support group which is closely tied to the council in it’s operation.

One member of the council is the organiser for the support Group, Tony Dowson, and bridges the link between the two.

Mr Isles explained: “He looks after providing as many services as he can to all sorts of people, particularly those who need some support, even if it’s shopping or something as simple as that.”

This and more are all planned to be discussed as part of the meeting tonight which starts at 7:30pm.

If you’ve like to join the meeting, you can join via the Zoom video platform with the following details:

Topic: BAASCC Meeting

Time: Jan 12, 2021 07:30 PM

Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/72377913535?pwd=TjBFUGxDck0rUXozYUZ4NmRJU1ZBUT09

Meeting ID: 723 7791 3535

Passcode: 4fG8hQ

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