Mid Atholl, Strathtay and Grandtully Community Council Minutes (30/03/2021)

Minutes of Meeting of Mid Atholl, Strathtay & Grandtully Community Council 

Bi Monthly meeting 30th March 2021. Held by zoom.

1. Welcome by Chairman.

2. Attendance:

Chairman Stuart Smith (SS) and CC’s Graham Huggins (GH) John Grant (JG) Michella Samy (MS) Celine Boisson(CB) Stan Bruce(SB)

Councillor John Duff (JD)

One MOP 

Alastair Smith Heartland  Radio

Ramsay Beattie Heartland Radio

Apologies : David Sillito (DS)

Meeting being recorded (available to Heartland Radio media) All consented no objections.

3. Minutes of Meeting of 26th Jan Accepted. Proposed MS seconded JG

4. No Matters arising not on agenda. CB joined at this point.

5. Reallocation of CC roles. SS and SB resign from their roles.

The Chairman announced that Stan Bruce and he had been Secretary and Chair, respectively, for almost 16 years and that they had decided that it was time for other Community Councillors to take on these roles. It was known that other Community Councillors were willing to take on these posts and the Chair handed over the chairing of this section of the meeting to PKC Councillor John Duff, as is customary for the election of office bearers.

Chair taken by JD

Thanks given to SS and SB for their long service 

JD took nominations for Chair. GH proposed by MS , seconded by SS. No further nominations so appointed

JD took nominations for Secretary. DS proposed seconded JG. No further nominations so appointed

JD took nominations for Treasurer. MS proposed GB seconded SS. No further nominations so appointed

Chair taken by GH.

6. Introduction of Daryl McKeown, Project officer  P&K Council Traffic and Network Team.

DMcK outlined recent work and thinking from P&KC including temporary 20MPH limits in Strathtay and Grandtully.  40MPH buffers will be introduced shortly. Balnaguard will also be subject to this scheme. Villages without footways are considered for this scheme. A vehicle activated sign will be introduced to northern entry to Grandtully within a few months. Requests for these signs from other areas would be welcomed.

Poor compliance may be addressed by further traffic calming schemes.

There will be a full consultation with communities before these schemes are made permanent.

Police remain responsible for enforcement.

A route action plan for A 827 is scheduled for this summer. This includes measurement of accident data etc.  P&K C propose to discuss matter with CC’s on road report and with 3 year reviews.

Discussions are also taking place with Sustrans for national cycle routes including Dunkeld to Grandtully road through Balnaguard. It is hoped to reduce national speed limit on cycle routes to 40MPH. More assessment will be done over summer. Advice on where to survey would be welcomed.

Discussion followed on national 30mph limits. Council always happy to receive comment. Alistair ??? Heartland FM happy to provide visibility for issues.


 a. Police not available and no report received.

 b. none arising

c. Treasurers report (GH) covered period from 26/1/21 to 30/3/21 sent to CC’s. Expenses of stamps , zoom licence occurred. £1000 set aside for web although may be met by Griffin. Financial position healthy.

d. MS. 3 micro grants. Mid Atholl Strings, £500 agreed, Upper Tay C of S. Breadalbane £500 D of E.

e. Griffin Funding panel. GH noted £942k available. £35k minor applications. Dunkeld & Birnham sports facility £200k sought. Conditional on gap being funded although priming money £70k given. Trust set up discussed, and now close to completion.

f. Grandtully car park. Discussion on earlier presentation and CC members approval of concept and keen to see the plans as they develop. Action Chair to inform the Chairs of other Community Councils of this Community Council’s support for the project.

g. Web site and face book. CB website up now, needs some additional input. GH noted we want to liaise with other sites inc. Heartland. Invitation from Alastair of Heartland to use them for promotion of news etc. using:  news@heartland.scot. Ramsay, news reporter, was introduced. Heartland community page can be used for minutes, notices etc.

GH invited Heartland to reciprocate.

h. Planning. Nothing raised by DS or CB on Perth Planning but question raised by CB on industrial units and mine road at Logierait.  To be followed up by CB. JD felt that new units may be accessed via old road. This was considered to be problematic.

i. Action partnerships. No news.

Arranged but not on agenda.

Broadband.  Talk from Ian Bailey.  

Scottish Government R100 programme manifesto pledge. Now awarded to BT. However, no legal commitment to cover every property. Many properties in rural Perthshire will not be included. In July 2021 BT will state which properties are excluded. Disappointingly  several thousand in Perthshire will be excluded after 5 years work. 

In July BT will advise which properties are to be included. Even if included it could be in excess of 5 years before installed. If your property is excluded Scottish Broadband  £400 voucher scheme available if you fail to get R100 scheme by end Dec 2021, could be used to find alternative service such as basic satellite service or 4G.

Many new masts are being installed and available to users who are within R100 but not connected this year.

If outwith R100 then properties can be assigned £5000 voucher. This is unlikely to be commercially attractive so will have little benefit. It is also problematic for home owners to try and coordinate any alternative scheme.

Some good news might be Perthshire Broadband Service which has agreed to expand wireless service around the Ballinluig/Dunkeld bridge/ Balnaguard triangle area. This may also be extended to Strathtay for properties rejected for R100 project by BT. 

Outside this area. 

The Starlink Programme( Ellon Musk) may offer other future opportunities albeit expensively. 

There is no doubt a role for community Councils in helping property owners steer a path through this area. GH agreed and would be talking to other CC chairman to develop this role.


 i Fencing at Grandtully towards Strathtay. This has been resolved after discussions with owner by GH.

ii. manhole cover in Grandtully. GH to discuss with JD.

iii. Forestry consultation Castle Dow regarding the environment but also the public’s ideas and suggestions about access and the possible formation of more circular routes. Deadline 25th April. CB placed on our ‘face book’.

iv. CB: Maintenance of fire hydrants. House lost in Logierait to fire. Local hydrant had inadequate pressure necessitating pump from river. 

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