Pitlochry and Moulin Minutes – 9th of November


Minute of virtual meeting held on Monday 9th November 2020-11-10

1. Present: Jim Laurenson (Chairman) , Andrew Holmes (Secretary), Isobel Millar (Treasurer), Dave Roy (Environment) Susan Campbell, Bruce Patterson. PKC Councillors Xander McDade, John Duff.

Alistair Smith (Heartland FM), Kate Howie, Ian Sim, Judith Dingwall.

2. Apologies: PKC Councillor Mike Williamson.

3. Declarations of Interest: None.

4. Minutes of virtual ordinary meeting of 12th October: Approved.

5. Matters arising: War Memorial Garden has been planted and lights etc repaired. Thanks  expressed to Pitlochry in Bloom. A-Boards, situation being monitored for Council action. Housing proposals at Fonab; comments sent to A & J Stephen and PKC and acknowledged. Traffic speeds a continuing issue .Suggested any issues be reported to Police on 101 giving locations. “Cut-out policeman” to be deployed by CC.

Town centre regeneration scheme. AH had written to Council chief Exec following press reports. Meeting expressed disappointment over lack of progress and awaited reply.

6. Chairman`s report: Jim attended the curtailed Remembrance Day service. Received update on Festival Theatre extension. Noted completion of traffic calming on West Moulin Road and asked for feedback. Real time bus times to be available at main Atholl Road bus stop.

7. Secretary’s report: Issues covered elsewhere in Minute.

8. Treasurer`s report: Tartan account-£3194.13,Treasurer account-£336.97,Town Hall user group-£715.00. Only expenditure was £34.20 for the wreath from the community council. 

9. Environment Report: Reported issues around street lights and the Winter Lighting. Noted that winter festive lighting funded by a campaign amongst businesses.

10. Planning Report: Adderley granted permission. Comments sent on Fonab housing proposals.

11: Proposals for Black Spout wood. Ian Sim ex-chair of Enchanted Forest explained proposals between EF and PKC for works to repair paths etc and plant native trees. On hold re EF funding but CC welcomed scheme and offered help with fundraising.

12: Pitlochry 20 mph zone. Noted that COVID duration 20mph zone was in place. Disappointment expressed that it does not cover areas of concern such as West Moulin Road.  Current Aberfeldy scheme is town-wide as a pilot scheme for PKC and may eventually be rolled out to other towns.CC expressed interest for Pitlochry.

13: Local Councillors` reports. Xander reported on the PKC community engagement over the future shape of the Council. Urged participation. Chief Exec moving on in February. John reminded meeting of continuing redeployment of staff for Covid duties affecting services. Free off-street parking over Christmas season. Issue of Edinburgh Woollen Mill closures being discussed with Economic Development team. Council offering “salt barrows” to volunteers prepared to grit local pavements. Contact John for details.

14. AOCB: Armoury Park. Kate Howie explained reinstatement of area removed for Station works. Hoped to incorporate painted stones.Next meeting to be on January 11th at 19.30.

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