Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council – 14th of July


Jim Laurenson (Chair), Andrew Holmes (Secretary), David Roy (Vice Chair), Isobel Millar (Treasurer), Susan Campbell, Bruce Patterson (HPCP), PKC Cllrs Duff and McDade, Alistair Smith (Heartland), Jane King (Minute Secretary) present. Apologies from William MacNicoll and PKC Cllr Williamson.

The minute of the meeting of 17th June was approved.

On-line courses are available, run by ROSPA, on Resilience (27th July) and Fire Safety (no date) also information is available on GOGA (Get Out and Get Active) programme.

The Premier Inn application has been withdrawn.

PKC have adopted a policy of not cutting grass verges except where visibility is compromised.

Public toilets have been opened but now close at 5pm instead of 6pm for deep-cleaning.

PKC grant cheque for £750 sent direct to HPCP. Finances otherwise remain unchanged.

Complaints about overhanging gardens have been dealt with.

Covid distancing measures are to be put in place. Areas of the road at pavement pinch points are to be coned off to prevent parking and allow pedestrian access – at Gregg’s and at cash points. A- boards are re-appearing in the town and should be removed immediately.

20mph limits will be imposed along Atholl Road and West Moulin Road for pedestrian safety.

Free parking in the town ends 31st July.

Signs are going up to create a temporary clearway along Foss Road to prevent dirty camping, of which there has been a significant increase post-lock down. Cllr Williamson has been working on a permanent parking ban. People have been cutting and burning fences for fires. There is no money to create a camping management zone as at Loch Lomond. Local police have been patrolling the area. In other places an alcohol ban has helped. Bruce has been co-operating with the Safer Communities Team and the PMCC to arrange a site meeting.

Purchase of a Zoom Business Package would cost £93. Andy to consider alternative platforms and report back. Virtual meetings would prevent some members of the public being present, so various scenarios, such as telephone and radio links will be discussed.

PKC Councillors reported that schools plan to open on 11th August, a week earlier than normal. Week 1 will be a phased return. Full-time education should take place in week 2. Children will not have to social distance but teachers will. WHO deem this to be very safe. In the event of a return to lock down, there is a back-up plan for part-time schooling. Guidance is expected on school transport on Thursday 16th July. Unless there is a change in distancing rules, there will be a big increase in the number of vehicles required and hence the cost.

There are serious budget issues for all councils, but especially PKC because of its demographic and geographic situation and its dependence on tourism. This may mean a return to statutory services only. Unemployment is expected to be highest in Highland ward.

PKC will be looking at recovery and renewal after Covid – the implications of people working at home and the use of public buildings.

Under AOB it was noted that on 20th February the decision was made that the Moulin telephone kiosk had to remain a working kiosk. The future of 17 payphones in PKC will be considered again on 13th September. Dave sent an email asking why but has had no reply. There was a strong feeling that the kiosk should stay.

Plans will be circulated regarding the post-lock down plans for the town.

The application by Bruce Patterson to become a member of PMCC was accepted with immediate effect.

Sincere thanks were expressed to the Resilience Group for their sterling service during lock down.

Next meeting TBA in September.

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