Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council – 17th June


Andrew Holmes (Secretary) 473400, David Roy (Vice Chair), Isobel Millar (Treasurer), Susan Campbell, Bruce Patterson (HPCP), PKC Cllrs Duff and McDade, Alastair Smith (Heartland), Jane King (Minute Secretary) present. Apologies from Jim Laurenson (Chair), William MacNicoll and PKC Cllr Williamson.

Endorsement of support for Atholl Centre funding bid for fully accessible toilets unanimous.

£1.1m has been allocated by the Scottish Government to PKC to increase pedestrian and cycling space. Community Councils, businesses and the public to be consulted. Website maps do not include Pitlochry. PKC Councillors to send Pitlochry maps to all PMCC members as soon as possible.

£2m has been allocated to PKC to aid recovery of business. Other Community Councils in the A9 corridor to be consulted and possibly a joint bid put in with Pitlochry.org. There is tension between the need for businesses to start up as soon as possible and fear that the community may not be ready for an influx of tourists. Some businesses don’t intend to open this year, and some may not open at all. There may be significant redundancies from 31st July when businesses have to start paying partial wages. Andy to send text to Xander for circulation to local businesses and may also include a simple survey. If businesses are planning to open on 15th July, we need to be prepared. There are already a number of
visitors in the town and local people may be afraid to go out. Cathy Marshall to be contacted to organise the distribution of questionnaires to the community with a few simple questions, to ascertain the level of fear. There is no date for the opening of public toilets.

Bruce reported that perhaps the £30k allocated for the upgrade of the Pavilion may have to be re-allocated in view of current circumstances. There is more dog poo in the park, indicating local offenders rather than tourists.

Andy reported that a notice has been posted on right of way from Tomcroy to Edradour where it crosses the field, a letter from Transport Scotland has been received regarding restart of A9 works at Luncarty and a letter of thanks sent to Cathy Marshall for her role in setting up and developing Resilience Group.

Dave has sent an email to the Roads Department regarding the overflowing well in Well Brae. There is an overflowing bin in the bushes behind the Hardware Store. Izzy to inquire about ownership.

Andy has had permission to phone in to the next virtual Planning Committee regarding planning application for the Premier Inn. Xander to email developer to appraise them of the availability of the Hydro building.

Cllr Duff reported that PKC are still in emergency powers but trying to get back to normal via virtual meetings. Covid has been a big hit on the finances and there is considerable debt. Schools are trying to work out how to return in August. Hiring other buildings and/or more teachers will be costly. Use of Town Hall and Theatre building mooted. Looking at lessons learned from lockdown, what to keep and what to jettison.

Opening of the Recycling Centre has gone very well.

Cllr McDade is on the Emergency Powers Board. PKC were very quick at getting Business Support Grants out. PKC to start consultation with communities. Cuts in services are inevitable and will start in the autumn.

Many thanks to all in the Community Support Group who have worked so hard.

Thanks to Alastair and Heartland for involvement and publicity. Date and time of next meeting tba.

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