Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Minutes 13/09/2021

Minute of meeting on 13th September 2021 held in the Atholl Centre.

     Welcome and Apologies. Present; Sarah Roberts (Chair), Sheena Brennan (Treasurer), Andrew Holmes         (secretary), Fergus McCallum, Lesley Shaw, Stew Hall. Councillors Duff and McDade and 12 members of the public. Apologies, John Henley and Cllr Williamson.

  1. Declarations of interest. None
  2. Minutes Secretary. Agreed to seek interest via Facebook and a target honorarium of £250 for 10 meetings.
  3. Minute of EGM of 25th August. Agreed
  4. Matters arising. Co-option was not possible until the February meeting under the 6-month rule and it was agreed to defer discussion.
  5. Chair`s report. No report given short time period since election.
  6. Secretary`s report. Correspondence from Canoe Scotland re Grandtully project. Agreed to leave any comment to Mid Atholl CC. Email from Dunkeld and Birnam CC re affordable housing, acknowledge and discuss as part of Community Action Plan. PKC had confirmed that an AGM would still be necessary in October.
  7. Treasurer’s report. No report as treasurer still in handover period from previous holder.
  8. Planning and Environment Report. No Planning issues. Lesley reported fly tipping problem adjacent to filling station. Council trying to establish ownership. “Re-wilding” minuted under item 11.
  9. Facebook Page. Provisionally operational under “PITLOCHRY COMMUNITY FACEBOOK” Policies agreed as;        Public can post by messaging any CC member for pre-approval, public can comment on any post.    No CC policy on inappropriate comment but no attacks on individuals or casting aspersions. Local news but no advertising. Inappropriate posts removed, repeated such posts, poster banned. General Facebook rules to apply
  10.  East Moulin Road/Ambulance Park. PKC had introduced a “rewilding” trial on selected open spaces across the Council area including Ambulance Park. https://www.pkc.gov.uk/GMreview . Under this a large part of the Park would not be cut and vegetation allowed to grow. A number of members of the public were heard. The area affected was too large and denied space for ball games etc as well as making it difficult to pick up dog waste and litter. There had been no prior consultation and the action group formed was awaiting feedback on their comments and wanted a further cut before the growth stopped this year. To assist in informiing members of the public Andrew would print and laminate a plan of the area for the notice board. (Note; ownership of ground confirmed as Council)
  11.  Scotrail Timetable Changes. The proposed changes reduced services and removed any direct link to Edinburgh Airport. After discussion it was agreed that Fergus would draft  a reply to the Scotrail consultation on https://www.scotrail.co.uk/fit-for-the-future .
  12.  Pitlochry Community Action Plan. Stew updated the meeting on CAP progress. Some funding had now been obtained and surveys would be going to households and businesses seeking views on what was liked/disliked and what were the priorities for action. This would be followed by a community event in the Town Hall later this year.
  13.  Councillor`s reports. Afghan refugees were being housed in the Council area in private sector housing funded by UK government. Visitor Rangers had been in place over the summer and that had reduced incidence of dirty camping etc. A Climate Change Commission had been appointed by the Council to scrutinise their own and other local activities against Climate Change targets. Some new funding was now available for Town Centre regeneration and this could put money into outcomes from CAPs. Saltbins were being filled prior to winter, contact local Councillors if any missed. Some hand gritters available for any volunteers prepared to grit pavements in town Perth & Kinross Council – Gritting and snow clearing self-help schemes (pkc.gov.uk). A driver training event to help with winter driving being promoted by Police and Fire and Rescue Scotland to take place on 28 September at Pitlochry Fire Station. 
  14.  Issues raised by public Councillors were questioned over the blocking of the pavement under the canopies by Mortons forcing pedestrians onto narrow exposed space in wet weather. Council officials had granted permit but Councillors undertook to review and ensure space under the canopy would be provided when current consent expired end October. Permit provided under; PKC_Spaces_for_People_businesses_guidance_April_2021_update.pdf Would seek more local consultation on such issues in future. Community Council would poll residents via Facebook page.

 A number of comments regarding parking at Escape Route and calls for yellow lines. A request had already been made for yellow lines on the bend at the foot of East Moulin RoadKevin from Escape route requested opportunity to speak at future meeting. A9 Dualling was discussed. This is a transport Scotland project; two of     the eleven sections had been completed and another would star next year at Tomatin. No revised date for completion of the route was available but the view was that the 2025 date was unrealistic and would be much later. The town twinning with Confolons was raised but discussion deferred in the absence of information.

  1.  AOCB. The next meeting would be 11th October and would be preceded by a short AGM.
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