Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Minutes – April 2022



The Chair welcomed all to the meeting. Present were;

Sarah Roberts (Chair) Sheena Brennan (treasurer) Andrew Holmes (Secretary), Fergus McCallum, Stew Hall, Lesley Shaw, Shona Hutchcox and 15 members of the public. Councillor Duff and Councillor McDade.

  1. Apologies: Donna Grant. Heartland media.
  2. Declarations of interest; None
  3. Note of previous meeting; Agreed as a correct record. Matters arising covered by agenda.
  4. Chair’s Report: Approach from Highland Games Committee to publicise that they were looking for volunteers to help with this year`s Games. Defibrillators. Concern was expressed that there was no definitive list of defibrillators held in the town and neither the Tourist Information Centre or Medical Practice were aware of locations. Agreed to compile a list for circulation.
  5. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer had now separated the various accounts held within the CC account. The Community Council was operating a deficit and would need to approach PKC .
  6. Secretary’s Report; All significant correspondence covered by agenda items.
  7. Environment Report: Stew had inspected the hedge on West Moulin Road that had been the subject of complaints. No further action. Extension to McKays Hotel. Parking was being provided to Council standards.
  8. Ballyoukan Forest: Proposal for timber lorries exiting via Moulin Moor and Kinnaird/Moulin Pitlochry. Scottish Woodlands were proposing to extract the timber from Ballyoukan Forest via a new road across Moulin Moor then via Kinnaird etc. Around 300 trips/week over 20 years would be involved. Concerns were expressed regarding ecological impact on Moulin Moor and the effect of timber trucks passing through the community. The proposal had been discussed in 2021 but consultation appeared to have been focussed on the historic access via Ballyoukan. Agreed that the Secretary would write to Scottish Woodlands requesting a local public meeting.
  9. Highland Perthshire Action Partnership: Fergus had attended the previous meeting as an observer. The Partnership had some grant giving powers and it was agreed to nominate Fergus as the Community Council representative.
  10. Town Hall User Group: AGM would be held on 18th may at 7.30 and the public were asked to come and discuss how better use could be made of the Hall and facilities improved.
  11. Rotary: No report
  12.  Community Empowerment and Participation Requests to Perth and Kinross Council: The Council policies on Community Empowerment Act allowed for communities seeking to participate in decision making for their local area services. Given recent issues around greenspace management and road safety it was agreed to make a formal request to PKC for participation in decisions for these subjects. Secretary to write.
  13. Allotments update: The Land Reform Act (Scotland) required Councils to provide allotments where demand existed. The Community Council had canvassed demand in 2020 and over 20 people were interested. The Council had been approached but had taken no action and kept no records as to overall requests for allotments although required to do so by the Act. Agreed to write again to Council requesting action. In the interim to promote garden sharing via www.lendandtend.com
  14. Community Action Plan update: The survey results had been presented at a community event in the Town Hall on 25/26 March and attended by around 400 people. Attendees had voted on the priority themes identified by the surveys. The draft Action Plan would be presented at the end of June.
  15. Canopies on Atholl Road; No further information available.
  16. Issues raised by members of the public: Dog fouling/street cleansing. Concerns over dirty streets and the lack of visits by the dog warden with particular problems around the school. Moulin Moor timber issues. Shortage of affordable housing affecting staffing of Community Hospital and Medical Practice as well as care home.
  17. Councillors` reports: Some progress possible regarding out-patient treatment at the Hospital. Council preparing to welcome Ukraine refugees. Budget reductions impacting services.Queen`s Jubilee event on 2 June in Kirk. 
  18. AOCB: Highland Perthshire welcomes Ukraine. Businesses and individuals were coming forward to offer help and accommodation across the area. There would be a meeting in Atholl Centre to co-ordinate the Pitlochry response.
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