Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Minutes – February 2022


On 14th February 2022 AT 19:30-21:00 in Atholl Centre.

Apologies; Councillor Duff and Andrew Holmes

Two new members co-opted and welcomed Donna Grant and Shona Hutchcox 

20 members of the public attended

Attendance Community Councillors

Fergus McCallum, Sheena Brennan, Stew Hall, Lesley Shaw, Donna Grant and Shona Hutchcox, 

Attendance Councillors

Councillor McDade

1. December Minutes Approved.

2. No declarations of interest were made

3. A Pilot recording of the meeting was announced. It was unsuccessful, and no recording was made.

4. The matter of Planning proposal of 22-bedroom lodge at Pitlochry Golf Course was discussed, and the Developer spoke. The Council resolved to Support the application and notify the PKC planning committee.

The committee also discussed planning applications at Green Park and Graigvrack; no comment will be made by the community council.

Although not a planning matter, an update was given about the former bakery and an intent to improve the frontage. The community council was informed that joiners would tidy the frontage. It was made clear Angus John would be happy for community members to contact him.

5 Treasurers Report  A detailed report will be given next meeting. 

6. Councillor McDade agreed to pursue Cuilc Brae signage with PKC

7. Environmental report No update

8. Parking on Atholl Road at Heartland No Action for Community Council

9. Queens Jubilee No firm decisions made

10. Pop up police officers not yet deployed ongoing matter.

11. Community empowerment & participation deferred till next meeting

12. Allotments update awaiting community greenspace teams update

13. Chair’s report We will prepare an updated Resilience Group emergency leaflet

14. Treasurer’s report

15. Secretary’s report Deferred till next meeting

16. CAP update 52% response great success vs Gold Standard of 40% good business and young person engagement. Public meeting of CAP on 25th to 26th March at the town hall.

17. Issues raised by members of the public

Complaints were raised about the dog mess along Atholl Road and around the school. 

Guttering Problems and overflowing skip at Scotland’s Hotel Stew to Speak to the manager

Matter of Canopy raised about condition and ownership and collision damage. The decision to ask for opinions on our Facebook for the next meeting.

18. AOCB New Email is purchased for a year and is contact@pitlochryandmoulin.com. The community council members agreed that this email will be used for all community council  business and private email accounts will not be used.

A request was made to discuss Defibrillators at the next meeting.

Heartland FM wants to interview community groups

19. Local councillors report

Councillor McDade spoke:

Congratulations to CAP

The council budget for 22/23 will be set next week with a 4.25% increase in council tax.

Council Supporting attempts to get GB Rail to locate in Perth

Spoke about a closed Scrutiny Committee

Spoke about risks to Pitlochry Community Hospital

Informed the committee he was not standing for election and offered to advise anyone considering standing as an independent

Next Meeting March 14th 7.30 PM the Atholl Centre. All Welcome

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