Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Minutes – May 2022

Minutes of Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council  9th May Atholl Centre 

Present Sarah Roberts (Chair) Sheena Brennan (treasurer) Andrew Holmes (Secretary), Fergus McCallum, 

Apologies  Stew Hall, Lesley Shaw, Shona Hutchcox.  Donna Gee  and Councillor Duff and Councillor McDade

Members of the Public in Attendance  5

Community Councillors Present  Andrew Holmes, Fergus McCallum , Sheena  Brennan and Sarah Roberts.

No Declarations of Interest 

Last Meetings Minutes adopted

Congratulations on the election of the three councillors

Chairs Report 

Discussion about Tables under the canopy at Mortons after comment received by the public. 

Chair has spoken to Mortons.

Discussion expanded to include other street furniture to include the chairs and tables and A-Boards various Ice Cream Cones and Father Christmas Street Furniture.

Xander to request council mail or approach all businesses and remind them what street furniture is permitted.

Belief held by the community council that exemptions for additional tables in the street due to COVIUD is expired.

Discussion about former Bakery Site, belief that work is on going but delayed request that will be actioned by Sheena Brennan to invite the landowner to attend the next community council meeting to share insight.

Requests from the floor to explain any grants issued a fact known to the committee.

Treasurers Report 

Bank Balance is  £307.81 but £715.00 held Town Hall users Group actual balance is negative £407.19.

Councillor McDade has requested a top up grant from PKC.

Secretary’s Report

Allotment sites no currently suitable sites found. Awaiting appointment of an officer at PKC to proceed. Exploratory discussions with other landlords to occur.


No comments


To be published and issued as a hard copy to every household in June

Update on Ballyoukan Forrest

Hope to hold a Meeting on the 31st May stakeholders invited more information to follow

Issues raised by members of the Public

Some revisiting of chairs  points on street furniture

 Extensive discussion about Social Housing. Agreement in room it is a huge priority a decision was made to delay actions until CAP position is published

Discussion about Community Hospital and attempts to reopen and interlinking to an extent with issues of housing

Next Meeting 13th of June Atholl Centre at 7:30PM

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