Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council – October 2021


 Minute of meeting on 13th October 2021 held in the Atholl Centre.

  1. Welcome and apologies. Present Sarah Roberts (Chairman), Sheena Brennan (Treasurer), Andrew Holmes (Secretary), Fergus McCallum, Lesley Shaw, Stew Hall, John Henley. 9 members of the public. Apologies Councillor Duff, Councillor Williamson.
  2. Declaration of interest. None
  3. Minute of meeting of 13th September 2021: Accepted as a correct record.
  4. Matters arising; Item 8 Fly tipping behind Petrol Station. Andrew written to SSE and awaiting final response. Item 14 Mortons Coffee House occupation of pavement under canopies. Agreed to write to PKC asking for 2m clearance beneath the canopies at all time to allow passage for wheelchairs, gritter etc. as well as keeping pedestrians dry.
  5. Minutes Secretary; No response to Facebook notice. Agreed to pursue and also to use Pitlochry Life ad. In meantime Andrew and Fergus to alternate minute taking.
  6. Chair`s report: Sarah had been to visit Moulin Kirk Trust to see their proposals for the Kirk interior and urged support.
  7. Treasurer`s report: Treasurer’s account; No change, Bank signatures being changed
  8. Secretary`s report: Approach from Moulin Kirk Trust for support in funding bid. Agreed. Programme of road resurfacing in Pitlochry to include East Moulin Road, Toberargan Road. Bonnethill Road, Perth Road and old Military Road. Closures of the town roads for up to one week. “Blended” meetings. PKC approached for assistance in setting up CC meetings to be both streamed via Zoom and in person. Fergus to take forward with assistance from Alistair Smith of Heartland.
  9. Planning and environmental issues. No significant planning applications.
  10. Park “rewilding” position: Stew reported that the Council were now cutting grass in Delta Park. A residents group set up to try and take over other aspects of park maintenance was experiencing difficulty in getting permission without having insurance in place. Suggested contact with Pitlochry in Bloom for cover. Reported that re-wilding area at recreation ground will be cut before every Games Day questioning whole basis other than as a cost saving.
  11. Burnside former public toilet. After discussion regarding using the site for parking, reworking the building as a community hub and re-opening the toilet it was agreed to write to PKC asking for a formal position statement on the Councils position.
  12. Parking Charges Faskally Woods Car Park. Forest and Land Scotland were introducing charges at the car park without any consultation. Concern expressed at the effect this would have on local frequent users. Secretary to write to FLS asking for local concessions.
  13. Pitlochry Community Action Plan.  Progress; CAP about to launch Community Consultation involving all residents and businesses across the CC area. CAP needed an interim bank account host until their own can be set up. Agreed that CC can act as host in the interim but CAP urged to expedite their own account.
  14. Local Councillor`s reports; None
  15. Issues raised by the Public: Local residents raised the issue of parking by “Escape Route” customers and other visitors in Newholme Avenue and along Atholl Road Asked as to feasibility of yellow lines/residents’ zone in Newholme Avenue. Following discussion on parking issues it was agreed to place an item on next agenda and invite “Escape Route” to be present. Stew to look at options with PKC in interim. Invitation to CC to share in fundraising quiz night to be organised by theCovid19 support Group. Agreed to participate. Complaints regarding smells from waste bins behind a local business. Secretary to approach business. Concern over traffic speeds in Moulin and elsewhere, issue of 20 mph zones to go onto next agenda. Town Hall access. Concern that Live Active Leisure were not facilitating access and use of Town Hall and fears that this would lead to closure and disposal. Town Hall User Group (THUGS) to be contacted and item on next agenda.
  16. AOCB: Concerns expressed by lack of response from PKC over local issues. General reporting and contact not working. Councillors to be asked for key departmental contacts. Use of Pitlochry Tartan. Agreed to let Atholl Centre use the Tartan for internal display. Dr Leaver Retiral. Collection progressing.

Date of next meeting; Monday 8th November in Atholl Centre at 7.30pm.

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