Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Minutes – August 2022


NOTE OF MEETING OF 8TH AUGUST 2022 (redacted version) held at 19.00 hours in the Atholl Centre

Present: Sarah Roberts (Chair), Sheena Brennan (Treasurer) Andrew Holmes (Secretary) Fergus McCallum, Stew Hall. Shona Hutchcox, Donna Grant, Daniel Boughton.

Councillor John Duff.

Apologies: Provost McDade, Baillie Williamson

Declarations of Interest: None

Item 3 Closed Business

Item 4: Open session. The Community Council then agreed to return to open public session from 19.30.

Item 5 Resolution 3 and tabled counter resolution regarding Lite Bite/Bakers Oven/Bank House site. Following tabling of both motions and considerable discussion it was agreed to withdraw both motions and to invite the site owner to a meeting with the Community Council. Shona to draft the invitation.

Item 6: The meeting approved the minutes of 13th of June and the 31st of May and of the extraordinary meetings on the 13th of July and the 26th of July.

Item7: Chair`s report. There had been a further satisfactory meeting regarding the Ballyoukan Forest extraction held in Fishers Hotel on 26th July and attended by 60 people.

Item 8 Treasurers report: Sheena reported that there were still issues regarding separation of accounts which meant A negative balance in the accounts which would hopefully be resolved at account submission to PKC next month.

Item 9 Secretary`s report. The Council was looking for publicity around the Community Council elections on 3rd November. Andrew to draft material for circulation. Submissions were invited for the Council policy on regulation of short term lets. After some discussion it was agreed to seek wider views on the issue.

Item10 Planning and Environment report. No Planning issues, Stew continuing to investigate Larchwood Road parking. Overgrown hedge onto East Moulin Road at Primary School to be investigated.

Item 11. Update on Ballyoukan Forest extraction. The most recent meeting on 26th July had been attended by around 60 people and a representative of Scottish Woodlands. Further proposals awaited. An additional meeting was apparently being arranged by Provost McDade, information to follow.

Item 12. Update on CAP. This was given by Charlie McCarthy the CAP co-ordinator. All 6 themes were now moving forward and reports to come in due course.

Item 13. Arrangements for publishing minutes. It was agreed that in addition to the Facebook/websites publication of minutes then efforts should be made to reinstate summary meeting notes in the Quair and Pitlochry Life. Shona volunteered to condense to bullet points within the word limits.

Item 14, Issues raised by members of the public. The meeting was notified that preparation was now underway for the New Year Street Party.

Item 15; Local Councillor`s report. Councillor Duff. PKC economic development staff had been talking in confidence to the owners of the Lite Bite site. There were a number of Council-wide ongoing consultations; https://consult.pkc.gov.uk/?act=about Local Housing Strategy, 2022-27, Carer Strategy and Short Term Lets strategy, Managed for Wildlife of Council land. He indicated that there were around 300 Ukrainian refugees within the Council area.

Item16. Any other business. Short term lets Strategy. Stew Hall declared an interest in this item. It was noted that any licensing fees could only cover the costs of the scheme. After discussion the Community Council noted the range of views on short term lets and the absence of any data and agreed not to comment on the strategy .Individual members could submit views in their own names.

Chair had received a complaint regarding a fall in an excavation at the Recreation Ground. This had been passed to the Council but there was no clear location for the incident and it may have occurred on the adjoining field.

Date of next meeting. Monday 12th September at 7.30pm in the Atholl Centre.

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