Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Minutes – June 2022


Minute of meeting of 13th June 2022. Held in the Atholl Centre at 19.30.

1.Present: Sarah Roberts, (Chair) Sheena Brennan (Treasurer), Andrew Holmes (Secretary) Fergus McCallum, Stew Hall, Shona Hutchcox, Lesley Shaw, Donna Grant, Daniel Boughton.

Councillors Duff, McDade

6 members of the public, Alistair Smith, Heartland Media.

Apologies from Councillor Williamson.

2. Declarations of Interest. None

3. Minutes of 9th May meeting. Approved as a correct record. All matters arising on agenda.

4. Chairs Report

Sarah welcomed Daniel to his first meeting. She had prepared a list of all defibrillators in Pitlochry (8) and intended to create a leaflet on distribution for general circulation.  Noted there were 3 CC members on the CAP steering group and asked them to monitor and keep the CC informed.

5. Treasurers report.

Balance in Treasurers account £1807.81. This includes £1500 held for CAP and £715 for Town Hall Fund leaving CC account inn deficit by £407.19. This was due to no grant being yet received form PKC over misunderstandings around accounts.

6. Secretary`s report.

Request received from Pitlochry partnership for 50% contribution to £565 for 3 notice board refurbishments. Agreed in principle when funds allow. Consultation by Forest and Land Scotland on public forest management. Andrew to draft response. Climate Action Questionnaire. Fergus to respond. Braes of Foss clearway operational from 2 June. Report breaches to police. CC elections due on 3 November, publicise in due course. Meeting room to be booked for August to October.

7. Planning and Environment report. No issues from Stew.

8. Update on Ballyoukan Forest extraction.

 Sarah arranging meeting for mid-July. Council and Forest interests to be invited together with previous attendees at meetings and interested parties. To be publicised via website, Facebook etc.

9. Possible site for social housing at old stables behind medical centre.

 Pitlochry Estate Trust had indicated that this site may be available for social housing. After discussion covering housing shortage, the need for more family housing, the scope for limiting provision to local residents and key workers via a Community Trust and the need for early provision it was agreed to meet with Estate Trust and PKC housing to progress matters.

10. Update on CAP. Noted that Fergus, Andrew and Stew were on CAP steering group.

11.Fonab Cemetery maintenance.

 Complaints received over state of cemetery. Previous offers of community involvement had been rejected by PKC but policies appear to have changed and communities involved elsewhere. Andrew to write to PKC asking for community involvement.

12. Parking.

 Noted that weekend parking along Atholl Road now extending to near railway bridge. Linked to avoiding charges rather than full car parks. Noted that parking direction sign partially obscured by foliage. Restrictions being promoted for section nearest to railway bridge but no timescale. Councillor Duff would investigate. Larchwood Road/Strathview Terrace complaints over parking at driveways. Residents advised to ring 101 if drive obstructed.

13. A-boards/Tables and chairs on pavement. PKC had recirculated guidelines to traders.

14. Arrangements for Publishing minutes. 

Noted that local free magazines had strict word limits that precluded full minutes. Agreed to provide notices of meetings and links for minutes in Pitlochry Life and Atholl Quair. Minutes to appear on website, Facebook page and Heartland. Printed copy of minutes to be deposited in Library. Minutes Secretary still required.

15. Issues raised by members of public.

 A member of the public raised the issue of the Bank House/Bakers Oven site and asked the Community Council to consider inviting the site owner to a future meeting. Noted that the frontage had now been painted and improved. After considerable discussion the Community Council agreed to put the issue on the agenda for August. PKC are looking at the issue raised around claimed deterioration of the asbestos roofing at the rear.

Travellers` encampment at Fonab. The PKC Traveller liaison officer had visited the site and the Travellers were expected to move on in a few days.

16. Local Councillor`s Reports.

 Noted that Xander was now Council Provost, John, leader of the Conservative Group and Mike created a Baillie. Principal concern was cuts arising from Scottish Government cut in Council support and warning of further service reductions.

17. AOCB. The issue of the clock outside Fishers Hotel. This had been provided by Pitlochry Rotary 20 years previously. Rotary considered they could no longer bear the 3rd party liability insurance for the structure and was looking for transfer or assistance. Councillor Duff agreed to ask the Council if they could assist.

There will be no July meeting of the CC and the next meeting will be on 8th August 2022.

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