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Active Travel Week Encourages Highland Perthshire to Walk, Cycle and Move

LISTEN: Emma Burtles explains what active travel week is all about

The Upper Tay Transport Group (UTTG) is encouraging people across Highland Perthshire to walk, cycle or car share their way across the community.

This month they’re holding active travel week which is promoting these methods of movement with workshops, classes and activity days.

Starting on Saturday March 26, and running until Sunday April 3, the  event is organising events for people of all abilities and ages.

Emma Burtles, development officer for the UTTG, said: “So, it’s really about trying to encourage people to think about whether they could travel actively and giving people the skill, the confidence to cycle or to walk and to enjoy also in a leisure way, walking and cycling in our lovely area.

“And we welcome everyone to come and be active in our active travel week.”

Below is a list of the upcoming events this month:

Emma Burtles added: “We’ve loads of different events going on to work people with different levels of confidence around cycling, particularly.

“We’ve got an essential cycling skills course, which is a way to build confidence and skills for cycling. We’ve got cycling for little people, like under sixes, so we’ve got some games and races and stuff, but we have some walking events as well.”

Active travel is not just beneficial for the environment, there are also plenty of health benefits too.

However, Highland Perthshire is a large area with considerable distances between communities. But Emma Burtles says active travel is still very healthy over short distances, such as trips to the shop or a friend’s house.

Emma Burtles explained: “I think we’re all aware of the benefits of being active in our lives generally for health purposes and traveling actively is just a really good way of getting those health benefits and getting somewhere.

“And clearly if you live in our area and are traveling long distances, it may not be possible to travel actively, but we all do short journeys as well, which is, you know, perhaps to the shop or to meet a friend. And those are the kind of journeys that are really good to, to do actively.”

The UTTG is also working to make Highland Perthshire a place which is accessible for all, already they are offering electric bikes to borrow for free in Aberfeldy and now they are looking at offering more accessible transport choices too.

Emma Burtles added: “And we are developing a mobility project, which will be coming into action later this year. And we hope to have a number of different bits of kit for people to borrow. So mobility, scooters, wheelchairs, et cetera, so that will enable people to get outdoors and be out in the sunshine hopefully.”

More information on active travel week can be found on: https://uppertaytransport.org/

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