Atholl Medical Centre COVID-19 Update

As of Monday 7th September, if you have an appointment at the surgery please come to the main entrance, press the buzzer to speak to a member of staff and let us know you are here. You will be asked if you have an appointment, checked that you have no COVID-19 symptoms, then let in by a member of the reception team.

In order to minimise contact, please do not take a seat in the waiting room unless you cannot stand. There are X’s marked on the floor of the waiting room to let you know where is safe to wait. The patient toilets will be closed except for emergencies, so please let reception staff know if you need to use the facilities.

We also ask that you wear a face covering/mask when you attend and sanitise your hands upon entering and leaving the building. Please attend your appointment alone if at all possible. This is to minimise the number of people we have entering the building at any one time. If you do NOT have an appointment at the surgery please do not attend. If you feel you need to speak to or see a clinician, please call us on 01796 472558.

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