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Carers Connect Links Up Unpaid Carers in Highland Perthshire

LISTEN: Raymond Jamieson explains what carers connect is all about

Carers Connect is linking unpaid carers across Highland Perthshire up to share the resources and support which is available.

The Perth and Kinross Association of Volunteer Services is hosting the event at the Atholl Centre tomorrow (November 25) between 9 am and 5 pm.

Raymond Jamieson explained: “Carers Connect is an annual event, which is a kind of celebration of unpaid carers but also to give carers an opportunity to meet other carers and professionals.

“It’s an opportunity to look at information and advice stalls, to find out what’s available to them, both in Perth and Kinross, and maybe even more locally.”

The session is not just being held in person but online too, carers and anyone else can join in the online event between the same times.

Raymond Jamieson added: “I just really would like to encourage people to come along and find out a bit more. Carers have had an awful time in the last 20 months. As you can imagine, a number of care packages all stopped overnight when lockdown first hit.

“So, I guess as we see the green shoots of recovery, I guess this carers connect event is an example of that, we want to say support is available out there.”

Anyone looking to get involved online can contact Jenny Bruce on: jenny.bruce@PKAVS.org.uk

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