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Christmas Card Delivery Raises Over £1,000 for Senior Citizens Bus

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba

Volunteers have raised over £1,000 for the Pitlochry senior citizens bus which helps give older people trips during the day.

The volunteers helped to deliver Christmas cards throughout Pitlochry for a suggested donation of 30 pence, which operated out of Victoria’s Restaurant, and raised a total of £1,341.65.

Cath Marshall, volunteer, said: “We had a great time at the Christmas post last week, raising one thousand-three-hundred and forty-one pounds and 65 pence for our senior citizens bus.

“It was great to see so many local people coming in with their cards and giving so generously. And I would like to thank everyone of them for their support.”

The funds raised will help to keep the bus running and offering days out across Highland Perthshire.

Cath Marshall added: “The senior citizens bus takes people to and from the Tryst Day Care Centre on a Tuesday and a Thursday, and also does a shopping trip to the co-op on a Wednesday.

“It therefore provides an excellent service for our older residents who may not otherwise be able to get out so much. So, a great big thank you to everyone who made this happen.”

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