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Clan Donnachaidh Welcome Invitations to their Youth Award

LISTEN: Gillespie Robertson explains what the award is all about

Scotland’s oldest clan are looking for nominations from Pitlochry for their annual young person of the year award.

The Clan Donnachaidh society who can trace their heritage back over 700 years and have links to Robert the Bruce a former king of Scotland. The society are looking to give the Young Person of the Year Award to a person that has overcome adversity. Past winners came from Pitlochry High School, nominated by their teachers or by their fellow pupils for overcoming what were lifetime illnesses.

The chair of the society, Gillespie Robertson, said:

“We do we have Members in eight countries across the world have many of them the descendants of Scots who left Scotland after the disaster of the Battle of Culloden, but the heartland of the country of the clan is to be Rannoch Moor to the gates of Perth.

Mr Robertson said the Award was inspired by a story about the former King.

“This stretches back to Robert the Bruce and the famous story of how he watched a spider trying to spin its web across a cave, and it failed and failed and failed but tried and tried and tried again until finally triumphed in the Bruce.

“He took that as his message that he should continue his battle and he succeeded.

“We decided because of that link the Clan would like to try and reward every year a young person from the clan country who had shown exceptional courage and determination in the face of adversity.”

This year’s prize for the award is a silver cup and a one hundred pound cash prize. The winner will also be invited to the Donnachaidh annual event for a dinner with the chief.

To nominate a young person for the award please send a email to Chair@donnachaidh.com

For more information, please visit https://www.donnachaidh.com/

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