Clearway Orders in Highland Perthshire

Perth and Kinross Council have issued several clearway orders around Highland Perthshire in an effort to improve safety on the rural roads.

A clearway order is a power which the council has to prohibit stopping, loading, parking, and waiting on roads with these orders. These orders mostly centre around Kinloch Rannoch and its routes to surrounding villages.

A stretch of twelve kilometres starting in Kinloch Rannoch will prevent stops or parking along roadsides out towards The Braes of Foss. Another order does the same for drivers from Calvine, heading towards Kinloch Rannoch, and meeting in Trinafour.

Heading West to East, another order is restricting stops between Fortingall and Bridge of Balgie

Small stretches will also be in place around Aberfeldy to help keep traffic clear in the rural community.

One of the longest clearways along the A923 and Pitlochry, continues for nine kilometres along the road.

Full details on a new page on council’s website: Parking restrictions on country roads

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