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Community Action Plan Feedback Sessions Taking Place this Friday and Saturday

Two feedback sessions for Pitlochry’s Community Action Plan (CAP) are set to take place at the town hall.

The first will be on Friday March 25th from 6pm-9pm and the second on Saturday March 26th from 11am-3pm. 

Those attending will be able to review the results of a survey which was distributed by a steering group back in December asking residents which services Pitlochry needed to priorities. 

Community connector Julia Harriman said: “We’ve tried to tap into a whole range of people in the community. 

“The main activity is a chance for people to vote on their priority projects. We have six main themes that have come out of everyone’s opinions about what should happen to make Pitlochry a better place to live. 

“There are 24 different project ideas to take forward and people can put a sticker against the ones they think are the most important and give the steering a group an idea of who could take this action forward whether it’s themselves or an organisation they know.”

The steering group distributed 2 683 forms and received 52% of those back as well as creating specific surveys for businesses and secondary school pupils.  

The events are family-friendly with arts and crafts activities being organised for children whilst local bands will provide the music. 

Julia added: “This event is the final consultation for people to give their opinions. Three or four weeks later the final report will be written up. 

“There will be another small event whereby people can come along and get copies of the final plan and have a clear idea of who will be taking things forward.”

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