Flu vaccinations winter 2020 at Atholl Medical Centre

This year due to Covid-19 Atholl Medical Centre in Pitlochry have had to make considerable changes to the flu vaccination campaign, taking into account everyone’s safety and appropriate distancing.

With that in mind, they are planning to hold a series of clinics during October and November in the Atholl Medical Centre which will be by appointment only.

From 14th September 2020, there is a dedicated telephone line for booking flu appointments only.
If you call 07934 349438, between 2pm and 4pm (Mon-Fri), we can book you into one of the clinics.


All patients over 65 years of age, pregnant women, or anyone suffering from the following:
• Chronic heart disease or chest complaints including asthma and COPD
• Chronic Liver or Kidney Disease
• Diabetes
• Neurological conditions for MS
• Lowered immunity due to illness or medication
• Other specific medical condition (check with surgery)

Also eligible (this year)
• Social care workers
• Households of those shielding
• All patients aged 55 to 64 years old (these will not be available until December at the very earliest)

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