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NHS Tayside is Running a Drop in Vaccination Centre Today

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NHS Tayside is running a drop-in vaccination session in Pitlochry at the Atholl Leisure Centre today, between 10 am and 6 pm.

There you can get either your first or second dose of the vaccine. They’ll also be offering a range of other jabs to help keep you safe over this winter.

They’re are encouraging everyone to take the steps they can to keep the virus at bay.

Director of Public Health, Dr Emma Fletcher explained: “Your help in managing this pandemic is as important as ever, especially as we go into these winter months. And as always, we want to say a, huge, big thank you for the crucial part that you are playing to manage this pandemic.”

Aside from getting the vaccine, booster and flu jabs, NHS Tayside is also encouraging you to choose to take other steps to keep the virus from spreading.

Dr Fletcher added: “With the colder weather, and increased gathering indoors, there is a considerable risk that incidence rates increase over the next few weeks to continue to work, to reduce the incidents in the community.

“It is vital that we all continue to follow key guidance that is tried to meet up outdoors where possible if you are meeting up indoors, ensure good ventilation and wear masks where possible, especially if you can’t distance from others, if you are meeting up with others is always a good idea to test yourself for COVID beforehand, wash your hands regularly.”

More information on the vaccine in NHS Tayside can be found on: https://www.nhstayside.scot.nhs.uk/YourHealthWellbeing/PROD_345323/index.htm

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