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PH8 Community Action Plan Launch

LISTEN: Sophie Cade explains what direction the CAP wants to go in to improve the PH8 area.

This weekend the PH8 CAP Community Action Plan (CAP) are launching the community’s plan after over a year of consultation and preparation.

The group first asked the community what they wanted to see improved in the PH8 postcode area through a community survey which was then followed up with interviews and public events where anyone could have their say.

Now, they’re launching the plan at the Birnam Arts centre this Saturday (Saturday 5 March) at 2pm  and they’re welcoming anyone in the community to join in.

Sophie Cade, community coordinator, explained: “So the plan identifies the six key themes and sitting under each of these themes are a variety of actions. Some of them might be kind of stuff we can do quite quickly, and others are kind of more long-term actions which are going to take a bit more working on really to make them happen.”

The event starts at 2pm, allowing for half an hour of refreshments and browsing of displays, then Fiona Ritchie is giving a talk on the story of the PH8 CAP before Lucy Espeland discusses community development trusts.

Explaining what is coming up in the plan, Sophie Cade said: “So to give you a sort of flavour of what this actually involves, we’ve got a safe and active travel theme. That’s going to be looking at the management of speeding traffic, road safety in particular and the volume of traffic and parking options in the village.”

“We’ve also got the housing for all theme. This came out really strongly as well in the survey and through the interviews and events as well. Basically, the lack of affordable housing in the area is always something that’s only got worse recently in the last couple of years. And it’s quite alarming really, when you look at how much housing there is available either is as rented housing or to buy.”

The CAP will also be considering the local environment, after an episode of dirty camping in 2020 many local people are interested in finding a solution to some conflicts which arise in the outdoors.

Sophie Cade said: “And then the other things we’ve got is the environment and our green future. This encompasses lots of different things. And to be honest, it runs through everything, it can’t really sit by itself as a discreet theme because it does need to be taken into account with all the other things too.”

“But a flavour of what’s happening there is there’s a lot of chat at the October event about things we could do to improve sort of access and paths in the community, things we could do to help with biodiversity.”

“And, what we can do to mitigate the impact of visitors in the summer and the potential negative impacts we have from tourism.”

“People are really keen for a community own energy generation project. Again, that’s kind of one of those bigger, long-term actions, but something that we’re hope we can, start taking some steps towards.”

The local economy and people’s welfare are also another concern for the CAP and they want to work with various community stakeholders to ensure these are both supported.

Sophie Cade added: “And then we’ve got other themes like the community and culture and connectivity and care, which are really kind of people entered and looking at how we look after people in our community as well, like the younger people.”

“Wrap around care at the school is something that’s I know is key to a lot of people there. And it’s really great that the PPG are already making steps on that. And, uh, and also how we look after older people too.”

“And, and then the local, we had a meeting recently just before Christmas with local businesses and things to talk about really what we can do to make sure that we’re supporting small start up businesses and enterprise and doing the best we can really to make sure this is a thriving economy here.”

You can find out more information on: https://www.facebook.com/ph8communitymatters

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