Pitlochry Baptist Church Available Online and on Heartland FM

Now that church services can’t be held in person, the Pitlochry Baptist Church is holding its service online and on Heartland.

Streaming the service on YouTube and airing later in the day, the church is still connecting with worshipers despite the limitations.

Pastor David Barrie said: “We’ve not met physically in our building since the fifteenth of march twenty-twenty, but what we have done is we have a digital online presence.

“So, at eleven o’clock on YouTube, we’ve got a twenty-five-minuet service and that service is repeated at one o’clock on Heartland FM.

“So, that’s eleven o’clock, YouTube Pitlochry Baptist Church, or keep tuning in to Heartland FM and at one o’clock that service will be broadcast.”

To watch the service online at 11:00 am, you can find the online stream on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx1IvX4QsTttALnmiFiIAaw

Alternatively, the service will be broadcast at 1:00 pm on Heartland FM, which can be listened to online.

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