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Pitlochry Rotary Club Aiming to Sponsor Another ‘Shelterbox’

The Rotary Club of Pitlochry is calling on residents of Highland Perthshire to make a donation for a third ‘shelterbox’ kit. 

The ‘Shelterbox’ Disaster Relief Charity has worked with Rotary for the past 20 years and helps to provide aid to countries going through war or an environmental catastrophe. 

Last month, the Rotary Club sponsored two kits to assist homeless Ukrainian families affected by the Russian invasion. 

Rotary Club president Neil Panton said: “It’s crucial to the club that we do our part.

“It’s one way that we can respond and these people are experts at determining what kind of need is required and the kind of items which can be sent out there.”

The charity sends out large plastic containers filled with different items depending on the need of the country. 

Most of them have custom-built tents to sleep up to ten people, there may also be cooking pots and thermal blankets and mosquito nets depending on what area of the world it’s being sent to. 

Mr Panton added: “It doesn’t need to be a full charity box; we can actually send half of that or just certain items that people are requesting.

“They won’t send items that will be of little use to those requiring aid.”

The cost of a ‘shelterbox’ is £590 and anyone wishing to donate can do so by going on the Pitlochry Rotary Club website or onto their Facebook page.  

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